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1. From Australia to Thailand: A testimonial on our iBogaine therapy in Thailand that cured my partner's 10 year opiate addiction.

My partner was someone who was once a high-functioning codeine pill addict at/no less than 500mg of codeine+ibuprofen pills. It all begin with a sports injury and then slow-balling to opiate pills for 10 long years. Despite his best efforts at concealment, his physical symptoms of his addiction, such as insomnia, shakiness, ulcers, loss of appetite, low sex drive, paranoia or nausea is so obvious. If family obligations got in the way and he couldn't find a pharmacy, he would have a melt-down of epic proportions and that was of course detrimental to our relationship having to see your love one pharmacy shopping every single day.


I am not stupid, or naive, but my partner is incredibly smart and manipulative. I knew at times in the 2 years we were together he was back on pain meds, but he always said he quit and was clean. The last draw was finding empty pill packets everywhere in the house, his bag and pockets and his stash of new pills. I become very angry and resentful towards him. I did not sign on for this. We are both professionals, highly educated and regarded as role model citizens in our community. I am embarrassed, mortified, and scared to death. What if he was to OD in bed lying next to me? Will I be able to get over it should such thing ever happen? After the long talks and fights, we decided to see a addiction specialist. And he was put on to the replacement therapy of putting him on suboxone. Weekly drug clinics are not something I can cope with to be honest. During his suboxone withdrawals, I swear I had seen the ghost shell of my partner. (All the real bad crying, sweating, shaking, diarrhea) killed me, and to see your partner in that state was truly traumatic. I felt so helpless and was in a pain seeing my partner going through his addiction and uncontrollable mood swings. Instead of letting the disease taking control my partner, we began a mission of research.I was saddened to learn that opiate addicts generally have a 10% chance of long-term recovery without relapse in our Western medical system.At best, we can hope to transfer their addiction to equally toxic (though more stable and legal) options of synthetic opiates, morphine, methadone, and other pharmaceuticals.


The future did not look bright.


Then— my partner remembered that he had once heard vague details years ago about an obscure African sacred medicine called iboga that cured addiction, specifically heroin addiction, while alleviating withdrawal symptoms in one treatment. Make no bones about it, our addiction GP doctor was laughing us off when we told him we are looking into iBogaine for his opiate addiction. The GP was doubtful of the science behind iBogaine even though our neighbours in New Zealand have put iBogaine as a legal prescribed drug with addiction clinics using ibogaine to help addicts. However more I learned about iboga, the more that it called to me for my own spiritual and physical healing as well as my partner's addictions. For some reason, we decided to use a provider in Thailand due to cost and wanting to keep our anonymity . We felt very comfortable with their persona on Skype and how they took time to talk and educate us and what to expect from the treatment. My partner offered his full participation and set all the intention for his healing to begin. I saw a healing miracle unlike any in my life. We send him his EKG and blood test/liver function test to the provider in Thailand to asses his suitability for the iBogaine.


iBogaine Thailand is really experienced with opiate addicts. They knew the struggles he was going though from our very first email that we wrote to them. These guys knew the BS of the Australia addiction care and rehabilitation system so well, that they even gave us so many useful tips/after care plan for post-ibogaine. When my partner arrived in Thailand, he was already in minor withdrawal mode. His provider firstly took his bag away, made him flush down residue pills that he was carrying with him, did a piss test on him to make he is clean before giving him some ibogaine micro-doses to deal with his withdrawals.


The next morning, he was given some anti-nausea pills and a tiny dose to test his reaction on it. One hour later, he was given a full flood dose and within a hour, his vision started appearing him. He recounts the horrors of the first few hours of his ibogaine treatment: the purging, the shaking, the mental noise, the total overwhelm, the waves of fear and regret, the assault of mental imagery, memories, scenes from his life and where he screwed up. A central theme of "love love love" came to him as he resolve the traumas. Through the spirit of Mother iBoga, he starts to forgive – himself, his parents, the people in his life, friends and enemies, anyone who’s ever hurt him, anyone he’s ever hurt; he’s naming names, releasing rivers of pain and regret, asking to be cleansed, forgiven.


Within 24 hours of the first treatment, my partner is a new man. He was completely purified of his cravings and physical dependence. His spirit returned to his eyes. Light returned to his face. Over the next few months, his inner and outer talk begins to change. He articulates a vision for a new life. He tells us he believes now that it’s possible to repair some of the damage in his life. Even more important, he says, for the first time he feels as if he’ll be able to stay clean.


It wasn’t his addiction was gone. His whole life was purified, and our whole relationship as well. He immediately became vegetarian and more conscious about eating an organic, healthy diet, when cheese, meat and dairy had previously been the norm. Through the iBogaine treatment, he cultivated a whole new level of mental hygiene. He became an artist of his own thoughts and emotions. He started joining me at my yoga class, when before iboga he would roll out of bed onto his computer to watch his youtube videos. He is a new man literally! For those of you who have a high functioning addict spouse, please don't lose hope. Research more about iBogaine and there's finally light at the end of the tunnel. Please make sure that you want to make sure you’re doing the iBogaine treatment safely, with people you know you can trust. But if you are ready, then ibogaine will definitely change your love one's life.

By Les.C From Australia, September 2014

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