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15. I got clean from a 9 year heroin addiction

I am proud to say that I am happy to found Ibogaine Thailand & to go through my Ibogaine journey with you guys. Here's my story... I was a heroin addict for almost 9years & I hate every single second of my life. I have tried numerous attempts to detox at home but to no avail until I found about Ibogaine Thailand. They know exactly what they are doing & the Ibogaine plant is so effective that it is very different compared with detoxing at home. It gave me very different physically & mental outcome after the treatment. After the 3rd day of the treatment, there is no physical withdrawals symptoms for me. Believe in me, there is so much difference. If anyone out there wants to change your life, I strongly recommend you to go for this treatment. It will fix your addiction.  Lastly do not worry, this is not a scam or whatsoever. It is a genuine team helping people to cure their addiction problems. Cheers & I hope my story here helps another person with their problems. Thanks.

By Anonymous from Malaysia, October 2018

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