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16. I have a much better focus on life, direction and overcame a sex addiction

Straight after the experience, I was able to articulate so well and the words just fell into place, of my full experience that was nothing short of incredible.

Its been over a month and this feeling still resides with me, and helps me make better decisions and choices.


Having been around psychedelics most of my adult life, I had learnt of Iboga/Ibogaine but it was always a big step.


When finally getting to a point where I clearly needed some direction and change in my life, I finally reached out to Ibogaine Thailand. After speaking via email, I had a chat with Sasha on Skype and it was clear that he was serious about his work and very professional.

Once arriving to northern Thailand, I met with Sasha and Phoebe in a beautiful resort style accommodation and discussed more about the treatment, and the whole process which will take place over the next 5 days, and also what I was hoping to get out of it.


The reason was a combination of me wanting more direction and discipline in my life,and also overcoming my sex addiction, along with knowing myself better and making new healthy habits and decisions.


My body weight was taken for the dosage and and any final formalities and health checks were done then.


The following morning we got started with the test dose for any allergies or bad reactions to the Ibogaine, and after a good result we proceeded with the flood dose. I was also given an anti nausea pill to help with that part too.

Not until around 30-45 mins did I feel the effects. But as expected there was some nausea and ringing in my ears and a heavy feeling. Not long after the intensity took a second gear and before long I was having visions of being with aliens in UFO's that were testing my mental capacity. This went on for some time, and after the peak saturation things were a bit easier to decipher. I had many visions of people in different locations, each showing me something or teaching me a lesson somehow. It was extremely vivid and lifelike. Never before have I experienced these kinds of visions or hallucinations. It was not something I think I might have seen, there was no questioning what it was and it was all purposeful and there for a reason. Each intention I had set for the treatment to overcome had been presented before me, and subsequently I was essentially forced to deal with then and there. There was no escaping it.


I saw the destruction of my ego in the most vivid, but repulsive way and it made me realise a lot of things about myself. 


It wasn't until the following morning that I was coming close to being in control of my body and thoughts. However throughout this lengthy process, I had been given the most intuitive and thorough care you could ask for. This was done in shifts by Sasha and Phoebe. I had my heart rate, blood pressure and breathing checked every half hour and had been given water/coconut water to keep hydrated throughout and also assistance getting to and from the toilet; which I wouldn't have been able to on my own.


I was told once I was back to reality again, to rest up for the following few days and that I likely wouldn't sleep till night 3 either, which was the case. I was very tired and had a lot of things in my head to make sense of.

Night 3 rolled around and I started to have what seemed like micro sleeps, but after each one I would wake up totally refreshed. It felt like each time I had one of these naps, one of the cogs in my brain lined up and things started to all make sense. Not only that, but I felt amazing. Clear, happy, present, positive and in control. 


It has been about a month since doing the treatment and I still feel this feeling and the incredible after effects are still present. Its feels like a good conscience of myself gently reminding me to be the better self I strive to be.

I have made an effort to integrate this into my life, but at the same time its not hard, and sometimes I will do things subconsciously that surprise myself.


Overall this has been by far the most profound and positive experience of my life and it has given me the building blocks to greater things. It certainly wasn't a fluffy, beautiful "trip", but it was the most valuable, in terms of personal development.


If you have come this far in your research, looking for an Ibogaine facilitator, I would urge you to make the final step and reach out to Sasha. He truly knows his stuff and makes the entire treatment seamless from start to finish and especially with regards to integration.

I will be back again for sure.

By Annonymous from Australia, January 2019

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