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24. From Fear, Resentment and Alcoholism to Peace & Freedom

Id like to thank Sasha and my higher power for somehow getting me through the  Ibogaine treatment. It has been about  1 month since the treatment and I feel I'm a different person! Prior to Ibogaine treatment I struggled with anger, resentments, fear and alcohol  addiction problems. The biggest gift that Ibogaine has given me was that I no longer resent my own family! the feeling has changed when I'm in their presence! It has also taken me to a spiritual journey which I must continue, I actually feel a heart in my chest which I lost for 22years! a strange feeling for me. I don't plan to ever do it again as what I experienced wasn't easy. I would suggest to people who really are struggling and want to change but as I told Sasha, 'TRIP" is the wrong word for it, It was long, it was real and my life will never be the same again! Sasha is very professional, he guided me through my difficult times and stayed up with me for 5 full days, he is still helping me until today with questions I have for my spiritual journey!

Thank you very Much and best of luck to anybody about to change their life! 

By Meshaal from Saudi Arabia, June 2022

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