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4. My First Pyscho-spiritual Trip: The Ibogaine Experience.

Before arriving at ibogaine Thailand I made sure to read up on the subject and was made aware of how harsh ibogaine can be on the mind and body. The ibogaine treatment was definitely tough, but all good things come at a price. I think this is an essential part of the process; when I was done with the treatment I got the feeling that I had just survived a demanding journey, maybe comparable to a rite of passage.


At the beginning of the experience I felt vibrating energy and a buzzing feeling throughout my body and brain. I felt my legs getting numb and my body weakening. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time trying a psychedelic. My thoughts started speeding up and soon I started to visualize things. I felt as if everything around me radiated with energy.


Sasha and his sitter were very helpful and very professional. They made sure I had gone through all the checkpoints before administering the ibogaine to make sure I would be safe during the experience. I felt very comfortable with them. I couldn't have asked for better sitters during the experience.

By Matias from Hong Kong, October 2015

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