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Your Treatment Overview

What To Expect

iBogaine is a detox to the body and the more you prepare your body by following our instructions, the better the experience you will have. The patient needs to be on a specific fruit and vegetarian diet 3-5 days before treatment. The instructions for the diet will be provided to you before traveling to the destination for treatment. The guest is not allowed to eat solid food from midnight prior to their treatment day and anti-nausea medication will be provided prior administration of your iBogaine dose. Once administered Ibogaine turns into Noribogaine attaching to opiate receptors eliminating opiate withdrawal and cravings. Ibogaine has an 50-70% success rate worldwide anecdotally. Within 1 hour after ingestion 100% of our clients feel their addiction and withdrawals leaving them.


iBogaine sessions will be conducted in our air conditioned therapy house with 24 hour monitoring conducted by experienced iBogaine facilitators. Our treatments are performed on an individual basis specific to your needs. Ideally, we you like you to be here in Thailand at least 1 day before your scheduled session. This will allow us to get to know each other and give you time to relax and prepare for your session.



As the treatment begins, most patients will experience a gradual change in how their body feels. Phase One of your experience begins with your first dose and ends about a day and half later. You are given a tiny dose of iBogaine to test your reaction to it; If your reaction is fine, you are given a “flood dose.” This therapeutic larger quantity of Ibogaine eliminates your withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Opiate addicts will often experience up to 100% relief from withdrawal symptoms within one hour. If you need more iBogaine along the way because you feel sick, you are given small doses called “boosters.” 


iBogaine trips have two main phases. First is the visionary phase which has been described as oneirogenic. This means it is dissociative and has waking dream-like qualities. It is a totally immersive body, mind and spirit experience similar to Ayahuasca and DMT. 

Ibogaine takes about one hour to commence its effects, and another hour or two to reach its full intensity. Four hours after taking the flood dose, you are in an altered state of consciousness. It is impossible to describe the experience.Two things are worth pointing out that people report:It is the most intense experience they have ever had and having “visuals” of past experiences. (Visuals are like movies that play in your head, even when your vision is normal. This is different from a hallucination, which alters your vision.) Not all people experience visual phenomena, which may be related to dose, bioavailability, genetics, and inter-individual variation.


Approximately ten hours after taking the flood dose, you will notice that your experience is getting less intense. It is during the introspective phase that users are able to conquer their fears and fight addictions. The combined effect of the two phases leads people to analyse their memories, life experiences and issues of trauma to help better over come them. iBogaine is being washed out of your system, you will become more aware of your body. If you still feel withdrawal symptoms, or need more medicine to go deeper, you will be given boosters. These will not return you to the state of peak intensity. As the next twelve hours go by, the intensity gradually decreases. If you have not had a lot of boosters, you will be able to get out of bed and eat something around twenty-four hours after taking the flood dose. You may even catch up on your sleep. On the plus side, you will notice that your cravings/depression are gone. Perhaps for the first time in ages!

Grey Day

The day after the iBogaine treatment you will feel exhausted and you will have difficulty sleeping but, with no cravings or withdrawals. During this day we encourage you to eat, drink and move around. You will gradually transition into Phase Two. It is very different from Phase One, but can be equally challenging . Closer to your normal state of functioning, your senses will work properly , you will be able to use your body, and  feel more in control of your thoughts. However, you will be exhausted at all levels. Many people call this phase the "Grey Day".


It will be difficult to focus thoughts or maintain your concentration for very long. You may feel confused and disoriented. Emotionally, you will be on a roller coaster ride, feeling like a sensitive newborn . . . leading to tears and waves of fear and sadness. You will also experience the joy as you release repressed negative emotions. The second phase is the day after ibogaine treatment, and is responsible for many of the therapeutic uses of the ibogaine. 


By accepting this condition, Phase Two can be enjoyable. Your mind becomes so exhausted that it eventually goes almost completely still. Calming the waves of repressed emotion is difficult, particularly intense fear, but if you allow the emotions to fully wash through you, you will experience a blissful release that is priceless. Our advice is to calmly place your attention on the physical world. Go for a swim in the ocean, or view nature and notice how gorgeous the natural world is. Eat a piece of fruit; you will feel like you have never tasted anything so good. If you are really still, you can become aware of the One that pervades everything in the universe. In many ways, Phase Two is a precious gift because, in a day or two, your rational mind and emotional defence mechanisms will return and numbs you to the world.

Temp Freedom

Phase Three begins after the "Grey Day" and lasts for about three months. You'll enter this phase suddenly. In almost all cases, people fall asleep at the end of the Grey Day feeling terrible, and wake up feeling fantastic. When you enter Phase Three, you are free of cravings, your mind is sharp, and your emotions are stable.


You have a lot of physical energy, although this may take a while to come on. If necessary, we will give you a small dose of iBogaine called a Booster, that will help in the short term to eliminate any residual withdrawal, and in the long term increases the beneficial effects of the iBogaine for a longer period of time. With this dose you don’t experience visions.


Ibogaine is a tool that can help a person change their life, but it will NOT ensure that change is permanent. It won't even ensure that change in the first place. It can help greatly, but it is NOT a magic bullet. You will need to put in the hard work to ensure these changes are made permanently. If you think ibogaine is THE's not.




​After ibogaine experience, you have an opportunity to restart again, but you also have an opportunity to make the same mistakes over again and fall back into familiar patterns, which include drug use and addiction or the same previous thought patterns if you are not fully prepared for the life-long recovery process ahead.


In this phase, we focus on your after care plan and what life is like after iBogaine. We include recommendations for therapy, nutrition advice, supplements and provide all natural supplements as a integral part of your therapy to get your energy back to normal and you back on your feet again. We also offer  complimentary natural healing modalities and a 1 on 1 session over  our psychologist over SKYPE who specialises in post ibogaine treatment integration to assist your integration process once you are back home.


In the days after your session, we will work with you to make a after care plan for yourself. If you spend the months of Phase Three building a life for yourself and getting a lot of support, your chances of staying clean is permanently guaranteed. Find enjoyable ways to spend the time that you previously spent seeking drugs. Start practicing a sport that is fun for you: yoga, tai chi, and martial arts are great ways to repair your body. Find a creative outlet that satisfies you such as music, painting, or poetry. It is also good to develop a spiritual practice such as meditation. Now that you are not consumed by drugs, unhealthy thought patterns and habits you will have a lot more time to wonder and appreciate life.

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