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Frequently Asked Questions about iBogaine Treatment

iBogaine Thailand offers introductory answers to frequently asked questions about iBoga, iBogaine, and our services

  • What is iBogaine?
    iBogaine is a naturally occurring medication obtained from the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. This shrub grows in Gabon and other Central West African countries. The iBogaine root bark has been used in these countries for hundreds to thousands of years during the ritualistic ceremonies of the Bwiti religion. It has long been used in shamanic rituals of initiation and spiritual quests. iBogaine displays anti-addictive properties, interrupting the symptoms of the drug withdrawal syndrome and eliminating drug craving – allowing an addict to detoxify with no withdrawal symptoms. iBogaine is an addiction interrupter that also resets the brain’s neurotransmitters functions to a pre-addictive state. With the help of this natural extract, addicts experience symptom-free withdrawal, a true full physiological release from chemical dependency.With a very specific type of counseling by the iBoga spirit during and following iBogaine treatment, the “ex-addicts” are able to focus on underlying causes to heal the psychological aspects as well.
  • How does iBogaine work?
    iBogaine is an oneirophrenia (dream-like state inducing) drug that activates the user’s long-term memory, bringing to the surface information from the unconscious, causing vast self-insight. Therapists consider one iBogaine experience as equating to years of psychotherapy therapy. Some patients describe their experience as being in a dream and watching sketches or a slideshow of their life. Other patients have described their experience as if they went into the file cabinets in their brain and re-organises it. iBogaine allows one to see one’s true self with the ego detached and to re-experience past events and repressed memories without the emotional pain often associated with these memories. The psychotherapeutic benefits of an iBogaine experience have served as a major breakthrough for addicts who have previously lacked an understanding of themselves.
  • How long is the treatment?
    Our treatment is all-inclusive, and your stay will typically last for one week (5 days). Treatment is individualised according to the personal circumstances. No retreats style! In cases where a patient is heavily dependent upon narcotic analgesics such as Oxycontin, methadone, or heroin; this may affect treatment-duration and make a slightly-longer stay necessary. We only do customised IBogaine program tailored to each person’s specific needs specifically.
  • How is iBogaine administered?
    iBogaine dosage is adminstered orally as per guest's body weight with a therapist present. The treatment is provided by an experienced and knowledgeable Ibogaine therapist which will include a medical screening and psychiatric review (pre-treatment) for the patient’s comfort and safety.
  • What are the risks?
    Most medical emergencies that are affiliated with Ibogaine can be prevented with the proper medical screening. It is imperative that patients who undergo Ibogaine therapy abstain from any alcohol, medicines, drugs, or psychoactive plant before, during, and immediately after treatment. Many health issues after Ibogaine therapy come from those patients who turn to methods of self-medication such as these after treatment is finished. If there are any medicines you feel you cannot stop using during treatment, please discuss this with one of our staff members so we can determine the proper treatment plan. People with a history of heart attacks or irregular heart rhythms are not usually good candidates for an iBogaine session. Therefore there is a requirement an electrocardiogram (EKG) before giving a treatment. Fortunately, this problem affects only a small number of people. There is a very small risk, less than any medical treatment to an iBogaine session. The best policy is to be completely honest with your provider and follow his/her instructions exactly. Your provider knows the risks and his/her job is to keep you safe; if you cooperate fully, then you will experience no problems whatsoever.
  • What happpens during an iBogaine treatment?
    This depends, to some extent, on the purpose (intention) for which the iBogaine is being ingested. A person with an opiate addiction will not necessarily have the same experience as a person wanting to resolve depression or anxiety. Nevertheless, all will find that their treatment involves both physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Generally: 40 minutes after ingestion, a buzzing in the ears heralds dreamlike visions, dancing lights, flashes of images, symbolic or actual representations of current subconscious themes. 2 to 4 hours: these “waking dreams” slowly fade away giving room to what is described as resetting the biochemistry of the brain, an integration of the first phase. 20 to 36 hours: the last signs of dizziness, ataxia, inability to sleep will disappear and the person is fully functional again. 48 to 72 hours: an obvious increase in endorphin output leads to a general sense of well-being, known as the renaissance effect.
  • Is iBogaine recognised in the medical field?
    Yes, iBogaine has appeared in many prestigious publications and medical journals. Clinical trials and extensive research have been conducted at universities and independent research facilities around the world with excellent results. Since iBogaine derives from a plant and is a natural substance where pharmaceutical companies can't patent it for monetisation purposes. Therefore iBogaine is only recognised by some medical doctors with the majority fearing the repercussions for endorsing iBogaine treatment.
  • Can you get addicted to iBogaine?
    No. While iBogaine can create fascinating experiences, it provides little or no bodily pleasure like cocaine or heroin. It contributes to a reintegration of the brain and as such helps to interrupt addiction rather than causing another addiction.
  • Who benefits from iBogaine treatment?
    In particular, anyone struggling and not seeing the way out. ibogaine can heal you if you are truly open to it and acepting the outcome without expectations. Ibogaine rapidly detoxes without withdrawls for addiction to heroin, opiates, alcohol and cocaine. Even most of those addicted to nicotine, sugar and coffee can find full relief.
  • Do you collect any personal information on your website?
    iBogaine thailand does not collect or share your personal information. That is our privacy policy in a nutshell. We may collect personal information from you at other times, such as if you register to receive email updates from us.
  • Who can I contact if I have anymore questions?
    If you have a question or want to know more about our treatment programs, please email us at
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