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These testimonials are from our guests sharing their personal experiences and may be useful for anyone who is considering iBogaine therapy. Every person's iBogaine experience is unique to the individual and each iBogaine journey has got a unique flavour of its own.

24. From Fear, Resentment and Alcoholism to Peace & Freedom

By Meshaal from Saudi Arabia - June, 2022

Id like to thank Sasha and my higher power for somehow getting me through the  Ibogaine treatment. It has been about  1 month since the treatment and I feel I'm a different person! Prior to Ibogaine treatment I struggled with anger, resentments, fear and alcohol  addiction problems. The biggest gift that Ibogaine has given me was that I no longer resent my own family! the feeling has changed when I'm in their presence! It has also taken me to a spiritual journey which I must continue, I actually feel a heart in my chest which I lost for 22years! a strange feeling for me. I don't plan to ever do it again as what I experienced wasn't easy. I would suggest to people who really are struggling and want to change but as I told Sasha, 'TRIP" is the wrong word for it, It was long, it was real and my life will never be the same again! Sasha is very professional, he guided me through my difficult times and stayed up with me for 5 full days, he is still helping me until today with questions I have for my spiritual journey!

Thank you very Much and best of luck to anybody about to change their life! 

23. Profoundly healing, deeply cleansing, wisely executed ibogaine experience

By Shem Goldstein From Israel

Before working with Sasha, I had some large, unanswered questions in my life. I went into the session with an open mind, and an open heart. The venue was beautiful, incredible gardens, absolutely lovely. From meeting with Sasha prior to the session. my mind was put at rest that he knew what he was talking about. The session began in a very procedural way, I was very impressed with the high degree of professionalism that Sasha showed with taking readings, measurements. I felt very safe and re-assured. Once the initial session was over, for the next few days, Sasha would do a wonderful job at guiding me through the visions which were appearing to me. His deep knowledge of the human condition, and psychological/spiritual principles helped incredibly with getting the most out of this session. All the questions I had were answered, and more. For anyone who has the slightest interest in an Iboga session (everyone should do this medicine), I would recommend Sasha without hesitation. His knowledge of the substance and process is comprehensive, and his professionalism shines through. Additionally his deep deep knowledge of esoteric practice is incredibly helpful. 10/10

22. Facing my demons to open my heart

By Melissa from Thailand, March 2021

There is no doubt from the testimonials here and confirmed from my own experience that Sasha is an extremely prepared and thoughtful guide. He cares for you throughout the Iboga experience and the days after. It is safe, rigorously monitored and Sasha makes it as comfortable for you as possible. 

In my personal experience, I can probably add to what many others say, which is that my life is now split into a before and after Iboga timeline. I sought out Iboga after getting fed up with suffering years of cyclical depression and self-hatred. No traditional psychotherapy or medication could scratch the surface of the depth of my pain and anger. Iboga spoke directly to the source of all that pain, not with a whisper but a shout. It was an awesome, beautiful, terrifying experience. Words cannot explain the visions but I saw exactly what I needed to. The days after, the imagery was still there but the fear of facing it was still too great for me. I was too scared to be by myself and reflect. Although I left that first experience with an enormous sense of relief and zest to re-experience life, I reconnected with Sasha 6 months later to enquire about taking Iboga a second time. I had been doing some meditating in the months prior and my subconscious was telling me I needed to go back and process what I saw. I needed to face the fear again. I kept seeing signs in my dreams and meditations.

After much reluctance and crying and back and forths whether I was doing the right thing to take Iboga the second time, I finally ingested the dose and wow. The second time I was able to process everything Iboga had tried to tell me the first time. Iboga was kinder to me and finally I was able to dip into that well of sadness from years of repressed self-hatred. Eventually, that turned into an unimaginable sense of self-love, acceptance and re-assurance that I've never felt before in my life. Moreover, while before I felt I had to seek love from any and every outside source and distraction -- I knew then that I've had this within myself the whole time. This all might seem obvious to the average observer but looking back now I really was so closed off from my heart I couldn't see any of this. 

I also went in wanting Iboga to give me answers to big things like "Why are we here?" "What is the meaning of life?" Iboga gave me the answers to those, and many, many, many more. Many of which, I've come to realize, are really just none of my damn business. Iboga plainly taught me that the answers I thought I needed weren't the ones I needed to live my life.

Thank you Sasha and thank you for letting me experience Iboga. Taking Iboga is an intense and deeply personal experience but whoever feels at the end of their rope like I was... Iboga is a very special method to see where the rope goes and where it came from. I"m back in love with life and I know how to live out the rest of my years.

21. My heart opening experience with the divine spirit of Iboga.

By Ruwan from Australia, August 2019

I became interested in Iboga medicine after seeing a documentary by the name “The Reality
of Truth” on youtube. After that I started doing research on Iboga medicine and found Ibogaine
Thailand through Google. I contacted Sasha via their website and he provided the details
explaining the steps I’d have to follow before he could accept me for treatment with Iboga
medicine. After couple of weeks I submitted my medical reports (ECG & Blood Liver Panel)
to Sasha and had a one-on-on call over Skype. Having successfully passed the pre-
treatment screening, we locked in a date and my accommodation in Thailand was organised
by Sasha.

When I arrived Sasha went through the procedure in careful details and
provided me guidance on how I could set my intentions and structure my questions to spirit
of Iboga during the treatment. I had my flood dose around 10am the next day. After taking
the medicine, I lied down on the bed with ear buds, eye mask and waited for the effect to
come in. During this time, Sasha continued to check my blood pressure every 30 mins and
kept me hydrated by giving me coconut water drink. Sasha made sure everything is perfectly
taken care of, so I can fully concentrate on the Iboga experience and nothing else.

My personal experience with the spirit of Iboga was very different to what I thought it was
going to be. Based on what I’ve seen and read online, I was actually expecting a
combination of psychedelic visuals, visions and direct answers to my questions within an
hour or so from me taking the flood dose. I remember asking my first question about one and
half hours from taking the flood dose but didn’t see or hear anything other than seeing what
appeared to be some squiggly lines in my peripheral vision. At the time I couldn’t recall
anything eventful happening during the hours that followed and I was somewhat
disappointed thinking that I didn’t take enough of a dosage for the medicine to actually work.
Sasha and Fibi took turns taking good care of me on a roster. They regularly checked my
blood pressure, kept me hydrated and helped me to move between the bed and the

My recollection of how the next few days spanned out is bit sketchy. Next day I remember
feeling emotionally down and Sasha told me it’s quite normal for people to feel that way
while Iboga medicine works though you. Later during the night to my surprise, I started
getting fragments of memories from the previous day. I remember how I saw a photo of me
when I was about two years old, a certain heart-breaking event that I experienced when I
was about nine years old and some other personal events from the past. What followed from
there is difficult for me to put in writing. I received a series of insights, which came to me
progressively, each one building upon the previous one, ending up in a climax and had me in
tears of joy. I was overwhelmed by love, joy and gratitude. Then I came to realise in my
heart how the spirit of Iboga knew exactly how to deliver the message to me in a way that
was very personal to me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the spirit of Iboga, how
it healed me in the best way I couldn’t even imagine to be possible with such unconditional
love. In my opinion, there’s no human therapist in the planet who could get anywhere even
remotely close to the divine spirit of Iboga when it comes to its healing powers. I had no idea
that my heart was closed until Iboga opened it up for me and I could start feeling it again.
From this moment onwards, I started experiencing a continuing lucid dream every time I
closed my eyes. This went on for few days including on the flight back home. I still can’t work
out to this day, where the plot for this dream came from as it was way too epic to have
generated from within my own imagination. To give a brief idea, I was seeing the beginning
of the universe, the rise and fall of human and non-human civilisations over multiple aeons

and so on. I was questioning my own sanity at times because of the things I was seeing and

As of this writing, it has been about six weeks since my experience with spirit of Iboga. I no
longer experience the lucid dream but still feels very much connected to my heart like never
before. Have been practicing heart coherence meditation daily and also started practising
the exercises from Falun Gong.

Below are some of the lessons I learned through my experience with the spirit of Iboga:

1. Our moral code (which is a function of the analytical mind) is like a set of training wheels
on a bike. The same way the training wheels keeps us from falling off the bike the moral
code keeps us from doing the wrong thing. Opening of the heart is like when you finally learn
how to balance the bike. It’s difficult to explain but there’s an inner instinct that steer you in
the right direction without having to put any thought. Once the heart is open, you don’t need
a moral code to do the right thing.

2. Unconditional love is very rare and most love we experience is a representation of love
created by the mind. For example, a person who loves their pet doesn’t necessarily love the
pet unconditionally. Rather, they’re attached to the feeling which they mistake for love.
Unconditional love and attachment are two entirely different things. One you cling to and the
other one is about letting go.

3. Our inability to fully love ourselves unconditionally creates a void in us all. This void
creates a craving in the mind which in turn looks for ways to fill it using external simulations
experienced via the five senses. Since the mind can’t fill the void in the heart, we humans go
into a perpetual cycle of craving, aversion, birth, death and re-birth. It’s like a Deer chasing a

What I wrote above might make sense to some and not so for others. Unfortunately, I feel
language is a very blunt tool when it comes to explaining things related to the heart. Put it
simply, no amount of reading can substitute a meeting with the divine! I understand that
Iboga medicine might not be for everyone but if you are that person who’s ready, then I
would highly recommend you reach out to Sasha and Fibi. I know they’ll look after you the
same way they looked after me. I’m so grateful to Sasha and Fibi and they will have a
special place in my heart always. Peace and Love!

20. Integration after ibogaine experience is just as important as the preparation

By Leo from Uruguay, June 2019

My experience with iBogaine Thailand was absolutely amazing. From the very first moment I met Sasha and Fibbi I knew they were very special persons. Sasha was an incredible guide and facilitator and made the preparation, the intake and the afterwards integration truly meaningful. Iboga plant is such a miracle, the days after the ceremony I experienced such peace that I never felt before and that give me insight how I could really work that into my intentions and purposes for the future. If you are into personal growth and conscious expansion this is an experience that I’d definitively recommend. 

19. Clearing energy blockage with ibogaine

By Annonymous from UAE, March 2019.

I would like to share my iBogaine experience after contacting ibogaine thailand via the internet. I started talking with Sasha and exchange emails, followed by screenings and video call before I was accepted to the program. The first day when I had arrived, I've met Sasha and his wife Fibbi and they explained step by step the process,and next day morning we start as I take the medicine and I stayed around 24 to 30 hours in my bed. The medicine was working on my body as I had felt  that the energy that was stuck in my left abdominal had moved during the process. Sasha and Fibbi was present with me through out my journey and they took good care of me. It took me  around 3 to 4 days to completely recover physically  and I’m incredibly pleased with iBogaine Thailand as they were very professional and honest people. Sasha has helped me to integrate my experiences post iBogaine and I still turn to Sasha for his advise post ibogaine from time to time when I needed someone. He is really great person  and if you are looking for professional and honest people to work with for you during your iBogaine experience I really highly recommend you iBogaine Thailand. Thank you :) 

18. The root of all problems. The root of all strength.

By Lindsay from USA, December 2018.

I will begin this review by setting up the context of my Ibogaine experience with Ibogaine Thailand. My interest begin with hearing the root mentioned in a podcast. My mind kept ruminating with curiosity and hours upon hours of research followed. I wrote several emails and Sasha responded with thorough and honest information about what he could offer. He was patient and had careful, cultivated responses. Our emails back and forth led to a Skype meeting. The Ibogaine prerequisites (EKG & Blood Liver Panel) as well as my intentions for working with the root were examined and Sasha outlined the basic summary of how the experience would go, as well as the foundation for how it could assist me. After being approved, he set up a time frame, the particular type of Ibogaine I would ingest, a pre-treatment diet, an intention to focus on.

Once there, Sasha and his partner Fibbi outlined my journey, reiterated what I should expect, took my weight, administered a drug test, and checked my vitals. This data was essential for determining my dosage and for mental ease ahead of treatment. Both Sasha and Fibbi watched over me carefully during the flood dose. They periodically took my vitals every half hour, as well as keep me hydrated - my flood lasted for about 30 hours total. I had a great peace of mind knowing that every element of my flood experience was considered. I was never left to feel completely alone, and the extra dosage was kept ready in the event that I would want to go deeper in the flood. This option was given after the first hour of the flood.

Initially, an anti-nausea medication is administered before the Ibogaine is ingested. A microdose is given to ensure that no allergic reaction occurs. Earplugs and eye shades are provided, and the room is prepared with respect and reverence for the journey. I was drawn to Ibogaine Thailand for all the aforementioned facts as well as the personal one-on-one setting. Sasha has a very honest, pure, and direct intentionality about him. He is professional yet caring and it sets an ideal environment for ingesting the grandfather of all psychedelic medicines. Fibbi was wonderful as well, she has a nurturing, gentle, and graceful tone in regard to her care. Sasha and Fibbi are a balanced pair of care providers for an Ibogaine journey and I highly recommend Ibogaine Thailand because of this. Their intentions for my experience and well-being were very evident throughout the process.

Now, for the more personal review of my experience. It has been just over a month and a half since my flood dose. I was drawn to the root for a variety of reasons, namely my struggles with OCD and an eating disorder. I wanted to end my coping mechanisms for generational trauma, trauma that I could not break even though none of my compulsions served a purpose anymore. My issues run deep and were addictive, and I could not escape them with brute force and willpower. I tried everything in my control to stop them, from living abroad off the grid for a year, yoga, extensive meditation, living in an ashram for three months, and more. All my attempts would backfire and result in a new set of coping mechanisms: Adderall abuse, reclusiveness, over-exercising, brutal perfectionism, etc.

Ibogaine seemed to be a last resort for me. During my flood I experienced visions along with feelings of death and rebirth in extreme darkness. These visions were quickly arriving and passing, and consistently interrupted my journey with fears of failure. The failure was manifested in the form of scenes where I would have to tell all my friends and loved ones that I was irreversibly broken, and that Ibogaine had not worked on me - I felt like a lost child in these moments. It took me a while to process my experience and I continue to do so. Ibogaine goes directly to the source of pain and trauma, and speaks to you in the harshest ways that you speak to yourself. I was able to view my thought process and emotions that obstruct me. Ibogaine provided me the insight I needed to face my inner pain body directly. I am now meditating daily, I stopped compulsively biting my nails, and I am seeing consciousness as a force that exists outside of myself. I am working on accepting who I am now.

Thank you Sasha and Fibbi.

17. Most important thing I have ever done...

By Marco from New York, December 2018

Choosing to get treatment from Ibogaine-Thailand was possibly the most important thing I've ever done in my life. It took some work and some patience,  but it was worth it. From the moment I met Sasha in the flesh to the last time I saw him at the end of my treatment, I felt safe, secure, and taken proper care of. I'm now free of the things that were damaging my health and my soul. In addition, I can honestly say that this is the most reasonably priced Ibogaine treatment in the world. Sasha isn't in this for the money, he's in it to guide the spiritually destitute back to the correct path. Thank you Ibogaine-Thailand for your patience and professionalism!

16. I have a much better focus on life, direction and overcame a sex addiction

By Annonymous from Australia, January 2019.

Straight after the experience, I was able to articulate so well and the words just fell into place, of my full experience that was nothing short of incredible.

Its been over a month and this feeling still resides with me, and helps me make better decisions and choices.


Having been around psychedelics most of my adult life, I had learnt of Iboga/Ibogaine but it was always a big step.


When finally getting to a point where I clearly needed some direction and change in my life, I finally reached out to Ibogaine Thailand. After speaking via email, I had a chat with Sasha on Skype and it was clear that he was serious about his work and very professional.

Once arriving to northern Thailand, I met with Sasha and Phoebe in a beautiful resort style accommodation and discussed more about the treatment, and the whole process which will take place over the next 5 days, and also what I was hoping to get out of it.


The reason was a combination of me wanting more direction and discipline in my life,and also overcoming my sex addiction, along with knowing myself better and making new healthy habits and decisions.


My body weight was taken for the dosage and and any final formalities and health checks were done then.


The following morning we got started with the test dose for any allergies or bad reactions to the Ibogaine, and after a good result we proceeded with the flood dose. I was also given an anti nausea pill to help with that part too.

Not until around 30-45 mins did I feel the effects. But as expected there was some nausea and ringing in my ears and a heavy feeling. Not long after the intensity took a second gear and before long I was having visions of being with aliens in UFO's that were testing my mental capacity. This went on for some time, and after the peak saturation things were a bit easier to decipher. I had many visions of people in different locations, each showing me something or teaching me a lesson somehow. It was extremely vivid and lifelike. Never before have I experienced these kinds of visions or hallucinations. It was not something I think I might have seen, there was no questioning what it was and it was all purposeful and there for a reason. Each intention I had set for the treatment to overcome had been presented before me, and subsequently I was essentially forced to deal with then and there. There was no escaping it.


I saw the destruction of my ego in the most vivid, but repulsive way and it made me realise a lot of things about myself. 


It wasn't until the following morning that I was coming close to being in control of my body and thoughts. However throughout this lengthy process, I had been given the most intuitive and thorough care you could ask for. This was done in shifts by Sasha and Phoebe. I had my heart rate, blood pressure and breathing checked every half hour and had been given water/coconut water to keep hydrated throughout and also assistance getting to and from the toilet; which I wouldn't have been able to on my own.


I was told once I was back to reality again, to rest up for the following few days and that I likely wouldn't sleep till night 3 either, which was the case. I was very tired and had a lot of things in my head to make sense of.

Night 3 rolled around and I started to have what seemed like micro sleeps, but after each one I would wake up totally refreshed. It felt like each time I had one of these naps, one of the cogs in my brain lined up and things started to all make sense. Not only that, but I felt amazing. Clear, happy, present, positive and in control. 


It has been about a month since doing the treatment and I still feel this feeling and the incredible after effects are still present. Its feels like a good conscience of myself gently reminding me to be the better self I strive to be.

I have made an effort to integrate this into my life, but at the same time its not hard, and sometimes I will do things subconsciously that surprise myself.


Overall this has been by far the most profound and positive experience of my life and it has given me the building blocks to greater things. It certainly wasn't a fluffy, beautiful "trip", but it was the most valuable, in terms of personal development.


If you have come this far in your research, looking for an Ibogaine facilitator, I would urge you to make the final step and reach out to Sasha. He truly knows his stuff and makes the entire treatment seamless from start to finish and especially with regards to integration.

I will be back again for sure.

15. I got clean from a 9 year heroin addiction

By Anonymous from Malaysia, Oct 2018

I am proud to say that I am happy to found Ibogaine Thailand & to go through my Ibogaine journey with you guys. Here's my story... I was a heroin addict for almost 9years & I hate every single second of my life. I have tried numerous attempts to detox at home but to no avail until I found about Ibogaine Thailand. They know exactly what they are doing & the Ibogaine plant is so effective that it is very different compared with detoxing at home. It gave me very different physically & mental outcome after the treatment. After the 3rd day of the treatment, there is no physical withdrawals symptoms for me. Believe in me, there is so much difference. If anyone out there wants to change your life, I strongly recommend you to go for this treatment. It will fix your addiction.  Lastly do not worry, this is not a scam or whatsoever. It is a genuine team helping people to cure their addiction problems. Cheers & I hope my story here helps another person with their problems. Thanks.

14. iBogaine Helps Me To Overcome A Lifelong Of Chronic Anxiety & My Addiction to My Thoughts

By Anonymous from Singapore, Oct 2017

I am very glad that I trusted my intuition to do Ibogaine treatment with Sasha. I have been suffering from anxiety since when I was 6 years old. I always felt life was a struggle and the world is a dangerous place. No matter what I achieved in my life, I was never satisfied and always felt there was something fundamentally wrong with me. Over the last 15 years, I did a lot of inner work including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance, therapy and plant medicine (Ayahuasca, Kambo and San Pedro). They certainly helped me to understand myself better, but I could not feel the inner peace I was looking for.


Earlier this year, something very traumatic happened in my life, and that incident brought me down to deep depression. I felt suicidal for many months, and could not see the meaning of life anymore. However my desire to healing has never disappeared. I flew to Peru to work with Ayahuasca for 2 months. Ayahuasca helped me to heal a lot of deep wound, and gave me profound insight. However, my depression and anxiety were still there with me, and I did not want to give up just yet.


After a few months, out of desperation, I decided to do Iboga treatment. I did a lot of research and learnt that Iboga is not only good for treating substance addiction, but it also helps depression. I found some places offering Iboga in Central America, but I did not want to travel all the way there. After more research, I found Ibogaine Thailand. I sent an email to Sasha, and he immediately set up a Skype call with me. I felt very safe talking to him, and my intuition told me that I could trust him. Iboga is one of the most strongest plant medicines, and I did not want to do it unless it felt right. It took me for a while to make the final decision, and in the meanwhile, Sasha and I had exchanged more than 60 emails. He was patient to answer all my questions.


After I arrived at the resort, Sasha and Fibi came to see me. They explained the procedure. Treatment started the next morning around 10am. I took the medicine, and lied down on the bed to wait for the effect to take place. After about 1.5 hours, I started to see some people sitting in front of me, although my eyes were closed. Sasha checked my blood pressure every now and then. Unlike most people’s experience, I do not have memory during the treatment. I cannot remember anything during the 24-hour treatment. The next day, I slept for more than 10 hours. After waking up, I tried to remember what had happened, but I still could not remember anything at all. I felt disappointed because I believed somehow the medicine didn’t work for me.


The next few days, I felt very bad. My anxiety was still there. I was still feeling very depressed. My body was exhausted and I was not hungry at all. However slowly I start to feel my body has changed. It was very subtle, but I felt something in my body has been renewed.


Another few days later, I did a short guided meditation. Tears started rolling down my face, and I felt immense release and letting go. After that, there was peace in me that I have never experienced my entire life. Anxiety and depression are completely gone. I could believe how “light” I felt. For the first time in my life, I loved myself and there was no more self-hatred. I felt grateful for every hardship in my life and knew that everything happened to me to bring me to this tremendous healing. This transformation was not possible without Ibogaine. The medicine changed my core beliefs about who I am and healed my addiction to my thoughts. Now I see myself and life in totally different eyes. It feels like I was given a new life. For the first time in my life, I am actually living.

13. Spirituality Pursuits with Ibogaine

By JP from India, Jul 2017

I had a spiritual awakening at 21 when I started to question my place in the world as a being, soul and consciousness. It propelled me into a path of learning and self discovery on the path of meditation, energy based practices and a lot of exploration in pushing the boundaries of consciousness. The desire stayed and just deepened. But Life felt stoic, monotonous and over domesticated to the system that I had somehow tried to and 'fit in' in a corporate atmosphere for the last seven years. Frequent bouts of depression and mood swings due to an ongoing personal issue made sure I struggled with life without having the power to take any action to change this condition.

I had reached my limits.

After carefully considering different plant medicines, I chose to begin my journey with Ibogaine for its potential to create an impact on psychological and physical health and break out of the rut we are used to. Aided by a deep intuition , I approached Ibogaine Thailand for facilitating a psycho-spiritual experience(I did not have any substance abuse issues). After the pre health screening (ecg+blood liver test) and a phone call, we figured out that I was ready for it.

Sasha asked me to follow a strict but balanced diet (3-5 days) prior to taking the plant medicine. I followed it assiduously to the best of my abilities. I was put in a beach resort which felt like home and Sasha and Fibi made sure I felt comfortable and relaxed by visiting me in the evening once I reached the location. They explained the whole process and clarified my questions, altogether an environment of faith and trust was created.The next day morning around 10 AM , Sasha gave the medicine and I lied down once I started feeling it affecting my consciousness. The visionary states started after about 45 minutes with strange visuals pouring in. I had the theme of an elephant eye and medicine woman along with a Tibetan chanting that kept repeating at regular intervals when the medicine moved around different parts of the body. As soon as the medicine was absorbed into the body, there was this intense motor like sound along with strong currents of energy that started moving specially concentrated in the head and I observed in my inner vision a lot of black smokey like substances being cleansed/purged with white light. It was hard to move in bed as muscle co-ordination was impaired and also the field of vision had a lot of trailing light. I saw a fairie waving a wand (which Sasha told are forest fairies and a lot are found around this island). This phase lasted close to 7-8 hours - a state of dreaming awake.


After that I was offered a booster dose to go deeper into issues that were bothering me in my life. But my body threw out and I still regret that. I look a little more and spent my night awake allowing the plant medicine to clear my mental and neural pathways for the better -- though the feeling of time passing by wasn'y noticeable.


On seeing me , the first impression that Sasha had was that my eyes had become almost spotless white. I felt zen-like and saw trails of light around objects and also when moving my hand (in low light, its more) for another three days. During the experience, Sasha and Fibi monitored all my vitals and regularly ingested water in periodic intervals taking turns and being with me continuously for 24-36 hours. This is important as Ibogaine process is physically disorienting and mentally demanding and should not be attempted independently without sufficient knowledge of the plant intake procedure. Fibi and Sasha follows the MAPS (multi disciplinary association for psychedelic studies) protocols with a high level of integrity accompanied by a rational dose of operating procedure when dealing with Ibogaine.

Its been close to a month now and I maintained a personal video log of how my perceptions have changed. Primarily the mood swings and bouts of low energy based depression syndromes haven't returned after Ibogaine -- which is a huge relief. On the positive side, I started making major life style changes that can help to break out of this rutful fear based living. I feel my mind is more fluid and can make choices and consider different options which I never knew I had before due to self
imposed limitations.

Enrolled in a course to reskill myself in terms of career as well as connected with a good set of friends (like-minded souls) as I am making a major location shift in terms of my working conditions.The journey is endless and ongoing. Ibogaine may not be the magic bullet for all illness of body, mind and soul but it can certainly give one the window of opportunity for change and also it doesn't hurt to take it once in a while when we need it.

There is no doubt that Ibogaine Thailand are the best facilitators around this region! Peace and Love.
Enjoy the journey!

12. Reframing My Social Anxiety & Pornography Habit Through iBogaine

By James From Australia, Mar 2017

I am a male in his late 20’s who has suffered from both social anxiety and pornography addiction for the entirety of my adolescence and adult life. Both issues intertwine together which has formed a vicious feedback loop (The more anxious I felt, the more I viewed porn, and the more I viewed porn the more shame and anxiety I felt). There were numerous times where pornography sessions would last over 8 hours through the night. The lack of sleep and shame associated with this addiction has greatly hindered my professional and social lives. Previous to seeking Ibogaine I had tried psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, homeopathy and Ibogaine was basically me willing to try anything once as I couldn’t seem to beat this addiction and anxiety through other means.


When I arrived on the Island I meet Sasha at the accommodation provided the day before the treatment. We went over what I could expect from the experience and I found him very open and easy to speak to.


About 9am the next morning I took a small dose of Iboga to make sure I had no allergic reaction to the medicine. Once it was deemed I was at no risk of developing an allergic reaction I took the full flood dose. It took approximately 40 minutes until I felt the effects of Iboga which came on very quickly. At the very beginning I remember my mouth slowly curving into this huge smile, like a smile of true happiness at which point the visions became very clear and I brought into this happy world which is too hard to explain in written word. This initial period of overwhelming happiness was soon overpowered by the most intense feeling of complete dread and doom I have ever experienced. My mind was telling me I was going INSANE and I would be stuck in this world forever. It was a hell. I then had the sudden urge to both shit and vomit at the same time. Luckily for Sasha only vomit came.


After this terrible terrifying experience, I was taken to 100s of different scenes throughout my life, where I was a spectator. Basically, each scene was cut short as my ego/mind would not allow me to just observe and each time my breathing would become very shallow until I stopped breathing completely. Then my body would remember to breath and I would wake up until the beginning of the next scene unfolded.


If I could summarize what insight I gained it would be the following; Follow your heart, not your mind. Just observe. Breathe deeply and smile.

I understand to the reader the experience above and the insight gained never once directly referenced my porn addiction. But I have to say the usual patterns of my mind convincing me to view pornography and the desire to view pornography right now at least appears to be overridden by my inner logic that knows I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole again.

For anyone reading this, it is now 10 days after my treatment and yes I still feel social anxiety but I feel like this is now a chance for me to utilize the tools I have gained to change my thought behaviour. Iboga is not a magic bullet and it should not be treated as such. But it is a very valuable tool for people who seek its council.

Also as a final note I would like to point out just how vulnerable you are when under the effects of Iboga. You truly need a sitter such as Sasha and his wife who have performed this service numerous times. If during your experience someone were to say the wrong thing or disturb you in any way I would hate to think of the resultant experience.

11. A Powerful Experience That I Will Always Remember

By Nick From Australia, Oct 2016

After many years of planning, I decided to undergo an ibogaine treatment in October 2016. I was no stranger to psychedelic or entheogenic plant medicines and had met a couple of people, including one well-known author, who had had ibogaine treatments. I did not seek ibogaine treatment for addictions, but rather for the psycho spiritual experience that ibogaine offers, apart from it's anti-addictive properties. I researched many different providers in many different countries before deciding to go with Ibogaine Thailand, mostly due to the glowing testimonials, not to mention that Thailand is a lot more accessible to me than Europe or Canada. 


I was put through a fairly rigid screening process before I was accepted for treatment. This involved blood tests, an ECG and a detailed questionnaire. I later learned that these tests were vital as there had been deaths associated with ibogaine treatments, where the patients were not properly screened beforehand. The cause of death was always a preexisting condition, usually cardiac in nature.

After passing the pre-screening test, I was put on a limited diet for 3-5 days before the treatment commenced, and advised to avoid certain foods and medications, as well as alcohol and recreational drugs.

After arriving at the lovely resort that Sasha booked me into, my treatment began the next morning. I made sure to be up and well and truly awake before the treatment, and had a good swim in the ocean - which was a 5 minute walk from my resort.

After taking the medicine, which consisted of around 7 medium-sized capsules, I had a bit of a chat with Sasha, and waited for the medicine to take effect. This took about 45 minutes to an hour. The first visions I saw consisted of some vampire-like beings with very prominent fangs. There was nothing in the slightest bit frightening about them - they were just showing me who they were. There was a series of them, one appearing after the other, all displaying prominent fangs, but not exuding any type of threat. The visions then morphed into a series of ancient skulls and death masks - again, nothing frightening or threatening, merely certain beings showing me who they were - telling me that this was their space, but I was welcome there - they were happy and honoured to be there while my journey began. They were, I now realise, spiritual guides. After this had gone on for a while - you have no real concept of time passing while under the influence of ibogaine - the visions changed again, this time becoming a surrounding of mostly green fractals, in which a wormhole opened up and beckoned me. The colour and structure of the wormhole was entirely different to the surrounding fractals. I would enter the wormhole which would take me in, we would journey for a while, then it would deposit me in another fractal landscape where I would have to gain my bearings again. I would not get much of a chance to explore the new surroundings before the wormhole would take me in again - I did not have a choice in this. When the wormhole was ready to take me again, I had to go. This continued for some time. I was always peripherally aware of Sasha and his wife Fibbi constantly monitoring my blood pressure and occasionally giving me sips of water. The fractal hallucinations eventually faded away, and I entered the stage of self-reflection that is a common part of the ibogaine experience. This seemed to last for some time, but again, you have no real concept of the passing of time while the medicine is active. The next stage was dream-like - I was in outer space on the viewing bridge of a spacecraft with other journeyers and we were watching the construction of a series of enormous structures in space. We were not awestruck, rather we were discussing the construction dispassionately, as if we were engineers watching our creations become reality. I alternated between this dream-stage and the self-reflection stage for some time. The next image I recall most vividly was another dream-scene; this one was a Lord of the Rings-style battle where I was on the side that was not going so well. I had feigned death while waiting for one particularly brutal warlord to finish gloating over the enemies he had despatched, , but when I saw that he was too busy gloating I was able to rise from my position of feigned death, catch him by surprise, and behead him with a battleaxe. I remember being in and out of consciousness for some time, and then Sasha was telling it was 5 o'clock the next morning!


The next day was spent mostly dozing, reflecting, swimming in the pool, and making one trip outside for a massage. I was definitely still feeling the effects of the medicine, mostly the lack of motor coordination which is common. I had very little appetite. Sasha and Fibbi would visit me regularly throughout the day and night. One of the great after effects of the medicine was the visual trails that are most noticeable in low light - a great visual show that kept on giving for the next three nights. Appetite didn't return until the third day after the treatment. By the third day, I was feeling more relaxed than I had done in recent memory. I just felt completely well. The ibogaine gives everything an enormous boost. You just feel really good. 

I know that I will do ibogaine again. I just hope that i am lucky enough to have Sasha and Fibbi there when I do. The care that I received was professional, respectful, empathetic and personal. If you are considering using this medicine, please look no further.

10. iBogaine Thailand Review: Third time's the charm in overcoming spiritual stagnation....

By Alan Turner From Japan/Australia, Aug 2016

I first heard about the possibility of taking iboga / ibogaine in Thailand about 2 and a half years ago  and I was immediately interested as it seemed a lot more convenient and easier than going to Africa or central America  [I am an Australian man of about 50, living in Japan].

Two friends of mine with a lot of psychedelic experience had tried it and were very impressed. It has the reputation as the Granddaddy of psychedelics , the strongest thing there is. I have considerable experience with  various plant medicines and other psychedelics and yet have still felt that I needed to go deeper to 'get to the source of the matter'. I wanted to reprogram myself , psycho-spiritually ,to get out of an ongoing mid-life ,existential crisis, recurrent depression and ingrained negative habits and mental [not physical] addictions. Spiritual stagnation...

Initially I searched online and found a place on Koh Samui, not imagining that there could be more than 1 in Thailand. I contacted the woman who offering the treatment , we corresponded several times and I made plans to come . I was asked to pay 800 US dollars  from a total of 2000 dollars as a deposit to her bank account.  I made the deposit and within a week , her website had disappeared  along with my deposit and  my plane ticket already booked. Some time later, i was looking online and found that there was another ibogaine provider on Koh Samui . I contacted this person [another woman] and told her of what had happened and asked if she knew anything about the other woman  and what had happened . She told me that the woman hod gotten into trouble of some kind  and disappeared .  I enquired about the possibility of going to her centre for treatment  and after waiting several weeks, she too stopped communication with me and disappeared [although her website is still up]. I gave up for some months when again I found that there was another ibogaine treatment centre  on Koh Phangan . I contacted this centre ,operated by 2 men and they informed me that both of these women had either killed someone [ in the first case ] and  hospitalised someone [in the second case ] and that they were both dangerously inexperienced to be doing this treatment and that I was fortunate not to have done it with either of them . They seem a lot more experienced and claimed to have been the original Ibogaine treatment provider in Thailand . I thought about it for some weeks while I was in Australia and decided to try again with these guys . However when i googled the centre , the first thing that came up was a news story about how a man from Western Australia had recently died at their centre in very dubious circumstances .

By this time my friends and family was telling me that it was madness to pursue this quest as it was obvious that these ibogaine providers were dangerous fraudsters and vagabonds with no integrity. I let it drop for about another year , but still curious and  feeling increasingly desperate ,I looked again on the net and found yet another treatment provider in Thailand , Ibogaine Thailand .

At first I thought that it was another site set up by the Koh Phangan crew who have shut up shop since that tragedy , however upon contacting Sasha and discovering that the centres were not connected, I explained my story to him and my deep skepticism about the integrity of so called ibogaine providers and he filled me in on some of the unknowns in my story and answered all my questions sincerely and honestly . He explained that these people had not adhered strictly to the Ibogaine Providers protocols  and that by cutting corners ,or looking for cash, had come to tragic outcomes .

Sasha has done the proper training and adheres strictly to the protocols which have been scientifically shown to be safe if one doesn't go outside the parameters of the protocol [the basic instructions and contraindications for administering ibogaine] , which if done correctly, eliminate most of the risk. He will refuse anyone whose health or condition falls outside the prescribed parameters. After some correspondence, and despite many of my friends and families wishes, i decided to go ahead with the treatment with Sasha.

I could spend a lot of time detailing the experiences of the ibogaine treatment/ trip itself which was incredibly arduous, exhausting and fantastical , but I will try to break it down into stages and what I interpreted from it in as much as it might be interesting to anyone contemplating trying ibogaine. About an hour and a half  after ingestion, just when I began to think I would need more, I felt the bed I was lying on sink through the floor ,down ,down ,down deep into the Earth and when looking up, I could see a tiny lit of light above me and I thought ,”I am the dead man”... the bed hit the bottom and stopped . What next ?  a door opened and numerous hideous demon entities with machine guns jumped out started haranguing and abusing me . This was very intense psychedelia and although I knew they weren't real, it was so intense and quite unpleasant because it seemed to go on for so long. 

After some time [?] ,the intensity lessened somewhat and other slightly less malevolent entities began provoking, or testing me. They seemed to present me with scenes, or images which would be repeated again  and again unless I pushed the correct button to make it stop , and then another scene or image would appear and I would have to do it again and again. The format of this was much like some kind of video  game with lights and buttons and the entities were somewhat like computer game creations.

Upon reflection ,it seemed that the first ,most aggressive demon like entities were a bit like being in a hell realm [and they appeared straight after I symbolically ‘ died `] and they were punishing me /abusing me for my sins ,failings. guilt or whatever like a kind of hell. Then the second group when the intensity had dropped a notch were showing me scenes; images that'd to be learned or acknowledged  before I could move on . It seemed like deep, psychic  neuro -reprogramming but mostly happening too fast to consciously follow what was going on .

After perhaps 8 to 10 hours, the  ‘psychedelic peak ‘ eased and the experience entered a less intense period of visions and images . Throughout the experience , i had the feeling that there were 4 or 5 other people in the room with me and several times I pulled off my eye mask to check [but there was only Sasha or  ] . I could “see” ghostly apparitions sitting on the edges of the bed ,in the corners of the room [although wearing an eye mask ,I really felt like I could see] etc , but if I tried to look directly at them , they would shrivel or turn away . It was quite an eerie experience however there was nothing during the whole trip that made me really frightened and I never really felt in danger ,even during the intense psychedelic stages. It was however long and arduous and I remember after about 14 hours thinking “This stuff is bat shit crazy and I would never try this again “

Throughout all of this Sasha or his other sitter  [changing in 8 hour shifts ] remain constantly in the room with you , monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure regularly , making sure you remain  safely hydrated and comfortable and assisting you to go to the bathroom [not possible to walk on your own ] and basically being reassuring presences during  the long ,arduous inner journey. Around 6 am on the following morning [about  20 hours after ingestion] , I went to the bathroom for my final of 3 major purges , and I vomited more than at any one time in my life . Nothing in my body but water , but after the final hurl , I really felt like I was completely empty and that I had expelled years of psychic shit out of my system. I was thoroughly  exhausted , perhaps as close as a man can come to the feeling of giving birth and also what seemed the most arduous experience since my own birth . I was very tired  and but also elated. It  felt so good that the WORK was over and I felt so clean ,light and free , I was also still as high as a kite , but it was a terrific feeling,


Sasha then left for several hours as it was obvious that I was safely through the tunnel and I spent the rest of that day and the next night [ I couldn't sleep for 3 nights ] in the most delicious ,serene and magical space that i have ever experienced .  At this point , insights came and a beautiful sense of rebirth , clarity and  harmony arrived .  My vocabulary,and mental faculties improved and I felt sharper and clearer than I have for probably 15 years .

Unfortunately such lofty peaks could not be maintained and I returned after a few days to a kind of new normalcy .

Now over 3 weeks after the experience , I still feel profoundly effected by it although I realise that it will still require my own drive and inertia to effect meaningful change in my own life upon returning to my mundane ,daily existence .  On the day after the experience , I was beginning to think that perhaps I could indeed try it again . By 2 days after , I was feeling “When can I do it again ?”.  I don't know what the long term affects will be on my progress and evolution but for sure it is a terrific cleansing and well worth getting rid of such psychic baggage that i would have no hesitation about doing it again if whenever possible . 

I was very impressed by Sasha and team's  professionalism  and service. He seems to have the right intent and dedication to this path and is a very sincere person . I wish him and  all the best with their future plans and have faith in the potential  of ibogaine to help those who are desperate , brave or fortunate enough to face this challenge. Having a provider /facilitator who you feel safe with and feel has the right intention and seriousness is I think, very important .

9.Thank You From A Grateful Mother: iBogaine and My Son's Drug Addiction

By Jo From Australia, Jun 2016

James continues to be amazing he is open, free of any withdrawal and addiction, content and making plans for how the coming months and next year will look like. 


I am going to write some detail of my experience for any parents or people with heroin or opiate addiction seeking a treatment and a treatment provider.  I would recommend ibogaine and I would recommend Sasha from iBogaine Thailand.  James is now nearly a month out from treatment. I cannot find the words to express how I feel that I can say Thank you to Sasha for making this possible, for helping my son have a chance to live again, for helping me to get my son back. But truly these words are not enough.  I pinch myself every day it is like a miracle after years of trauma and watching my son addicted and living a death. 


Searching for Ibogaine treatment:

We had been looking into Ibogaine for several months before contacting Sasha. This included treatment in Australia and others around the world. Some of the leads were  dead ends, some too hard baskets and others just did not feel right.  James said to me after the treatment that he is glad that it worked out Sasha did his Ibogaine treatment. James described the treatment as a marathon, but he had confidence that Sasha stayed in contact with him even when he was very deep in. 


James had moved to Cambodia, because he could obtain opiates over the counter, that could maintain him in an ok state and legally keep his withdrawal at bay, with a low risk alternative to Heroin,  while he tried to organise Ibogaine. 


Hitting brick walls and eventually feeling the energy drain from his resolve, James reached a particularly low point. He was depressed and feeling hopeless. He felt he would never escape his addiction and started using heroin and some other street drugs, . By this stage he was incapable of organising anything  beyond obtaining his daily opiates, so he did not go into withdrawal. He asked me to take over and organise getting the ibogaine treatment done. I did a web search and there had been a couple of newer treatment providers open up in Thailand and Bali so we made contact first by email and then phone and Skype.


From the first Skype contact with Sasha I decided I would trust him to do this treatment on my son and more importantly James also trusted Sasha.  From the time of our first email until completed treatment took 4 weeks.  We first had to get blood tests and ECG. Sasha maintained contact with me and James during the whole way process. Once he decided that we where legitimately seeking his help, he gave James lists of supplements to take and foods to eat and avoid. To me he was careful, sensible, knowledgeable in administering the Ibogaine, which is what I wanted sending my son to Thailand, unaccompanied. 


Sasha sent me an email after the treatment was completed, to let me know James was safe and kept in contact with James and I after the treatment, as James stayed on longer to regain some of his strength. 


The email after the treatment to let me know that James was free of withdrawal was magic. The first messages James sent me and then over the following days. My son telling me this is the first time in 6 years he had not been either in withdrawal from opiates or using. I feel reborn, totally mentally and physically different. I was so happy, but it did not prepare me for seeing my son again, seeing his smiling face, his calm his ease, his openness. 


It has been a long hard 6 years from the time my son developed a heroin addiction. It has been frightening, heartbreaking and painful. I had to find every reserve in myself to help my son and took me to places I never imagined.  I am so grateful we found Ibogaine 8 months ago and I am so glad I emailed Sasha.


If you are a parent of someone with a heroin addiction or if you have an opiate addiction- consider Ibogaine. 


My experience with my son’s addiction. 


Do not let your past define you, it is a lesson, not a life sentence. This is really good advice.

The kicker about opiate addiction is it is controlling parts of your brain below your conscious, where the decisions are made. Parts of your brain you do not have access to in daily life, let alone when you are trying to overcome addiction.  One of the really big things about Ibogaine is that is allows you to access parts of your brain you would not generally be able to. 


I remember the day i first heard of my son’s heroin addiction from his oldest brother. James is an artist and  I think started using heroin as it was “cool”. Obviously with these addictions there is painful childhood things that foreshadow use. He used Heroin on and off and James later told me later he thought he was invincible, that he was immune to addiction and could choose to pick it up and leave it he was in control. 


He developed his addiction when he went to New York as heroin was super cheap, so he used more often I guess than he had in the past. On his flight home he started to feel really unwell. He went to a Doctor who diagnosed it as heroin addiction. He asked the Doctor “how do I stop it”?... The Doctor laughed and said you probably will not.  That is the kicker few people escape heroin addiction. 


James determined, started to try and find ways to stop this addiction. He went onto Suboxone for the first time and then went through withdrawal, he used heroin again, he went into withdrawal, he used other opiates, smoked opium, used heroin, went onto Suboxone, went through withdrawal, used heroin, went through withdrawal, used oral opiates went through withdrawal, used heroin, went through withdrawal, went on Suboxone… he battled daily for six years.


I am a Doctor, although I had limited drug and alcohol experience I did know somethings. and even as a Doctor I thought ok, so we will get James through the withdrawal, and he will be fine, he is a strong person. To go through withdrawal takes enormous courage. I have seen my son through one full blown withdrawal. It is painful, degrading and awful for days. The kicker is the withdrawal is not the end, as James had the courage to face up to this many times, several days of feeling awful, most of us can muster… like a bad flu, we can store the courage for this.  


It was the horrible emptiness of the post acute withdrawal syndrome.  I would see day after day post withdrawal - where he would look dead, he was stunned and numb and could not derive joy in anything. (After opiate withdrawal the opiate receptors are narrowed, so natural endorphins, the things we rely on to help us feel happy CANNOT attach in quantities to feel anything)  The only relieve then becomes putting in some artificial opiates to try and feel even alive. 


Heroin addiction is not a lesson it was a life sentence, until we found Ibogaine. 


Find courage and love- because if you have someone with an addiction the only way they will have to cope with their shame is lies.


I became more isolated as a result of my son’s addiction. From very early on I was warned not to talk about it. I am single and have no partner so am used to dealing with big things by myself. But usually i would share more. I found really early that people are incredibly judgmental of people with addictions. Like they are morally bereft my son was not a ‘junkie’ what is a junkie anyway. 


Addiction and the need to fulfil it takes people to dark places. I understood from being a Doctor and realising that the person; a heroin addict becomes, is not who they are, but because of the addiction. Some things happen in our lives that fundamentally change who we are. Heroin addiction is one of those things. 


From very early on I sorted out my priorities. I supported James for the last couple of years, I have given him money that I knew would be used on opiates or heroin.  I helped to smuggle an opiate substitute through customs in Germany so I could get my son off the streets of Berlin back into Suboxone treatment. I have knocked on his door trying to wake him from drug induced sleep… panicked and worried if he did not return my calls or messages… worried about overdose. I am fortunate as I do have enough money to be able to support him, and at one stage figured I would have to try and work out something for when I died. I had gone through every stage of grieving, accepted that he was an addict and that I would live with that and live for the rare day when my son did connect with me. 


My Son Is More Important Than Money.

This decision was really easy for me. Money is not as important to me as my son. I have worked hard and have some security. Sometimes I  have been badly bitten by this addiction, times I trusted him with money anyone who has someone in their life with an addiction will know this painful horrible truth… I have spent a lot of money helping my son, I have flown across the world 4 times to deal with crisis and gone to some really strange places. But I asked my self really early on, what can I live with. I could not live with not giving every fiber of my body and existence to trying to get my son through this. I could live with being poorer, I could live with poverty. I could not live with not trying. It is hard battle, it is a horrible addiction.


Ibogaine a one hit wonder.I remember the night James first told me about Ibogaine. He had been 3 months post withdrawal struggling every day and had just relapsed and started to use heroin again. I said James we really need to look at rehab, he said from what I have read it does not work, i have been told about Ibogaine, it is a psychoactive that is supposed to help stop heroin addiction.  


I went home and read about it, searching on the internet and sent him a message that night and said James this looks promising. 


I read up everything I could on Ibogaine. The first story that came to me was about a man from Perth dying in an Ibogaine treatment in Thailand. I then looked into the story of the introduction of Ibogaine into the West and the story around a one trip cure, I then researched international ibogaine research and providers, clincical trials, a two year study followup post ibogaine anything i could find.


What I assessed was Ibogaine was an effective short and long term facilitator in moving past opiate addiction i.e. withdrawal and post acute withdrawal. It may not be one dose, but one dose may last 3 months and top up doses in the first year or two would give my son the best opportunity of being able to live.  I did not expect to have my bright lovely son back with me immediately.


What I assessed is that there where risks with Ibogaine, and that it was important to assess the heart,  the QT interval, which is measured by performing an ECG. That if someone had a long QT interval in their ECG then they could not have Ibogaine. James had a normal healthy QT interval. 


There are certain foods, drinks and medicine that prolong the QT interval and you need to exclude these from your diet if you want to have an ibogaine treatment. 


The liver needs to be functioning well, the ibogaine is stored and broken down through the liver. If you have fatty, cirrhotic or unhealthy liver it is not an option, and it is best to follow a diet and low alcohol consumption before so you are in best physical state to handle it.


I went through the risks/benefits. 


I realised that James was still relatively healthy, his heart and liver still functioned, even with this I realised there was a remote risk.. One of those very very rare risks that happen in medicine that it could be fatal. And I looked at James’s life for 6 years, and his life of death, his life when on medically accepted substitutes.. i.e. suboxone.. My son was the least recognisable to me.. sure i could make him stay alive on these drugs.. but he was not alive. He was living dead.. And as for staying with an addiction.. he has had 6 very close friends die over the last 2 years from heroin overdose, one a very close family friend,


For me it became really clear…. James has told me he wants to do this… the risk of death from maintaining his addiction is really high , the chance that he will be able to move past this, even though he is what I believe innately a strong person is very remote, the risk of him living out his life tossed between medically accepted substitutes which leave him living dead and trying to regain some life and using opiates.. tying him into shame and a continual cycle of having to feed an addiction… the chance of his life being fucked is probably greater than 99%. 


With Ibogaine the chance of his life being fucked (as he is still relatively healthy) is vastly less than 1%.


For now there is an alliance across the world that have developed treatment protocols and training. I am eternally grateful to Sasha. As a doctor who paid for my son to go to Thailand and get this treatment, I would say, think about it long and hard,  get the medical tests done, make your own decisions, find out about the treatment. But for my son, for me we would recommend Sasha if you do decide to go ahead with an iboga treatment. 

8. Not (A)typical experience - iBogaine For Bullemia & Anxiety.

By Rebecca From Australia, May 2016

I don’t believe my experience with ibogaine was typical (I do understand that everyone’s experience is different) and - I won’t lie - I was disappointed that it didn’t meet my expectations. Overall, however, it was a positive experience – the three things I am most grateful for: The courage to put myself through it, to take ibogaine, to have experienced it first-hand; to have met Sasha and his wife, Fibbi, the guides who facilitate ibogaine treatment – they are remarkable people, who I have an enduring respect for; and, finally (and thankfully) the realisation that I do have the strength to make positive changes in my own life.


My expectations had been set through reading the testimonials and stories of others. I truly expected to hear the voice of my subconscious, which would tell me what I was there for. I had heard ibogaine described as a “like receiving a stern lecture from a fatherly figure” (or similar), and I was ready for that. I was so ready.


Instead, I experienced ibogaine in two distinct phases. Phase 1 I saw flashes of images amongst what I would describe as a noisy horror circus. Sasha told me that none of the images I saw would be random. But, for whatever reason, I refused subconsciously to really “see” the images, in that I saw them, labelled them as “random” and promptly forgot what I had seen.


After this first phase, which marked as the beginning of Phase 2, I commented to Sasha, saying, “I didn’t see my little man, and he didn’t tell me the meaning of life”. I was trying to get a point across – I was trying to say that I didn’t know what to do now, while the ibogaine was still having a strong effect on me. While I was now entirely ready to follow any advice, his advice was still to try and interpret what I had seen. Luckily, I had 4 images/sounds come back to me, which I tried to reflect on. I felt, however, conscious of the time passing. The noise in my head, the pounding headache, I was waiting for it to be over. Every hour, my blood pressure was taken and I was offered water. I remember trying to count the times this occurred to calculate how long I had left. It was during the process of reflection, mostly which occurred the day after, that I made sense of what one of the images may mean for me, and those insights are now having an impact on the way I’m living my life. I am yet to recall anything of the dreams that I must have been having during the second phase.


My experience deviated from my expectations. A few points of major difference: I heard voices, but none spoke directly to me – one of the 4 things I recall hearing was the voice of a news reporter, as if on TV in another room. Unfortunately, what was said was inaudible -; As mentioned, I don’t recall any dreams, at all – I have a couple of distinct images, but nothing in story form; I didn’t feel a sense of euphoria, during or after the trip; I didn’t experience wakefulness – I felt the muscle relaxant effect strongly and fell asleep after the first 24 hours, and continued to sleep for periods of 1-4 hours throughout the day, and solidly through the following night; The first day after ibogaine, I had an appetite (unexpected), but food didn’t taste more delicious than usual, as others had reported; I felt confused and foggy, rather than sharp, and, worst of all, I felt anxious (as I had done previously). I felt spacey for four days – the careful and slow mood broken, I believe, only by meeting up with a friend and becoming the version of myself that I had been. I also felt dizzy, as if the earth wasn’t completely still, my eyes were not focusing well, and this feeling lasted the longest, perhaps for a week afterwards.


I would advise you, should you choose to take ibogaine, for whatever you are trying to achieve for your own life, to pay attention; As the drug starts to have its effect, pay attention. Did I say that already? I can say it again. You have to pay attention. This is just my advice – I have also read the differing advice, “you don’t do ibogaine, ibogaine does you,” which infers that you don’t need to do anything. Based only on my own experience, if you’re able to, write down what you see. Do it, even if it’s difficult and you don’t feel up to it. A lot of things are difficult and we don’t feel like doing it, such as going to the gym or working through tiredness, or visiting a relative on a special occasion. I would say make the effort, and certainly would do so if/when I take ibogaine a second time.


Sasha is a trustworthy and experienced guide. He and his wife were very very professional in the way they cared for me during my experience. I was grateful for their presence whenever they were around. Since leaving Thailand, I have been in contact with Sasha, gratefully so, as I have a deep admiration for the work that he does.


I don’t regret the decision to take ibogaine. Quite the opposite in fact, I am looking forward to a second practice with the medicine. Until then – and I think I’ll give it 10 years, maybe – I have a commitment to meditation and finding opportunities to bring spirituality in my life. My first practice with ibogaine, just 11 days ago now, was in response to feelings of apprehension surrounding my 30th birthday. I had the sense that, in 30 years, I’d done a lot of damage to myself – I’d created bad habits, held a lot of guilt because of these habits, and felt, if I’m honest, like I was ruining my life. I was as desperate, I guess, as most people who turn to ibogaine.


Whatever your reasons for reading this testimonial and others, if you’re ready for change. Seek it. If ibogaine is for you, I would recommend ibogaine-thailand. Sasha and Fibbi will look after you.

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7. Finally, An Answer To Resolve My Opiate Addiction After Many Years Of Seeking In Vain!

By Peter From USA, Apr 2016

I have had the burden of addiction perhaps since the first time I used my first mind altering substance at the age of ten. This cycle of addiction culminated into a heroin addiction that I have been battling for the past 16 years with intervals of abstinence, but no real peace of mind. I've gone through the cycle familiar to most long term opiate addicts of detox/abstinence repeatedly, never finding a method that worked well and/or had a significant impact in terms of a psychic change. I've tried many replacement therapies such as suboxone and methadone. These so called therapies only left me in a more troubled state mentally and physically with a worse addition with more pronounced symptoms of withdrawal. I tried everything that mainstream medicine and conventional therapy had to offer and I found no real solution that worked for me.


I heard of Ibogaine some years ago when I came across an interview of a man who claimed it solved his long time opiate addiction. After this last relapse I felt totally hopeless and desperate. I started to research Ibogaine therapy in depth. Next, I researched different facilities and decided to contact Ibogaine Thailand. I corresponded with Sasha for about a month prior to treatment asking questions and working out the details. We also had phone interview and he answered every question I had about the therapy itself and shared some of his personal experience with Ibogaine . This was all reassuring. 

When I arrived in Thailand I completed the medical testing which is standard protocol for Ibogaine therapy. Then I went to the location where the the therapy was to be conducted. Sasha met with me and we went over the session procedure again.He answered some more of my questions and calmed some of my anxieties in regards to the the therapy. I must say that Ibogaine Thailand prepares the individual as much as possible pre-treatment wise which was very important to me.


We commenced therapy the follow evening. I was in a state of withdrawal at this point which is the optimal time to start. He explained the contents and amounts contained in my medication. Since my main intention was to detox, the content of my dose was primarily Ibogaine HCL. They put a blood pressure cuff on my wrist to monitor my blood pressure every 30 minutes and reassured me they would be there with me every step of the way which really made me feel safe and secure. I covered my eyes and relaxed as much as possible, set an intent as to what I wanted to get out of the session and did my best to remain open to whatever was put before me. At the onset of the effects I remember a stern compassionate voice pervading me saying that the root of my problem was anger and through various visions I saw how that manifested in my life. I also vomited a fair amount which not only seemed to be a purging of the toxic chemicals in my physical body, but of the toxic emotions that burdened my mind and soul! Honestly, that is pretty much all I remember from the session itself. The most important effect Ibogaine had on me was post-treatment. 


The following 24 hours after the session were a bit rough as they told me it would be. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Things started to change for me significantly in the next 48 hours, its as if the worm had turned so to say. Firstly, I felt 90% detoxed from the opiates. This in itself is a miracle to me, and trust me , I have vast experience detoxing from opiates! Usually opiate detox is a month of hell! Vomiting, muscle cramps, depression, anxiety of the worst sort and roughly a month of insomnia. I also started to feel a certain brightness within that I can't fully explain. My perceptions and attitude toward life had changed for the better and with no real conscience effort. My fears and anger had significantly faded and I felt I had some purpose and direction in life as well as an inner source of strength! As Sasha said, Ibogaine is not a magic bullet, not a cure. But from my standpoint I see it as a gift, catalyst, teacher that opens ones eyes and gives insight. It allowed me to tap an inner resource that is profoundly helpful and useful. In my opinion, that is the ultimate goal of any therapy and what I've been seeking. The rest is up to me to develop upon. I also want to add that I stayed in the area for an additional week after treatment which I would highly reccommend. I took some time to reflect and meditate upon my experience. Sasha visited with me and introduced me to some other alternative therapies that were helpful (at no expense) and answered any questions I had. I believe he really cares about his clients and what he does and consider him a friend.


In summation, I am incredibly pleased with Ibogaine Thailand. They were professional, courteous, honest and most helpful. I'm really happy that we have people in the world who are willing to direct there efforts to help people like myself. If you have thought well about Ibogaine therapy and decided it may be right for you, I would highly recommend Ibogaine Thailand!

6. Dealing My Anxiety With iBogaine.

By Anonymous guy from Australia, Apr 2016

About 7 months ago I developed anxiety. It started off with a feeling of tightness in my head and soon developed into panic attacks. I was feeling like a prisoner inside my own mind. I life was so hard and unpleasant to live that I was having suicidal thoughts. The anxiety persisted for several months and I was walking around so hyped all the time I started suffering from hypervigilance. I would see distortions and trails in my vision and I would hear buzzing and beeping sounds from time to time. I somehow managed to convince myself that it was the beginning of schizophrenia. I started worrying that I would lose my job and all my friends and end up in a mental asylum. Every time I would hear a beep or a buzz in my ears I would have intense panic attacks.

At some point I set myself a goal to become free from anxiety no matter how long it would take or how hard it would be to achieve this goal.


After watching and reading about Aubrey Marcus’ experience with iboga I decided that I owe it to myself to give it a try. I did some research and decided on an ibogaine facilitator in Thailand. After making contact with him, I was asked to provide a bit of information about myself and the reasons for wanting to do ibogaine. I also had to go and do an ECG and a blood test to prove that my heart and liver were healthy.



Three months later I travelled to a tropical island in Thailand. I checked into a hotel room which was booked by the facilitator and later that night I met him (Sasha) and his wife who works as a nurse. I later found out that Sasha used to be an investment banker before becoming an ibogaine facilitator full time which gave me a great sense of respect for him. Both he and his wife were very pleasant, spiritual people which made me feel like I was in good hands. Sasha and his wife take turns in sitting next to the patient for the entire time they are on ibogaine. They constantly check the patients’ blood pressure, breathing and heart rate and give the patient water to drink.The next morning Sasha came over. We had a brief chat about what to expect over the next 24 hours and I took a test dose to make sure my body did not have any adverse reactions to ibogaine. After the test dose went down fine I took the flood dose which consisted of 8 large capsules and lied down in my bed with a towel over my eyes to help with the light sensitivity that was to come.

About an hour later I noticed the ibogaine coming on when I started hearing mechanical sounds. It sounded like someone was operating a drill or a whipper snipper outside of the hotel room. For the next 8 hours I experienced seeing geometric patterns similar to those that you would see on Ayahusca. I was expecting to feel extremely noxious after reading dozens of peoples testimonials about ibogaine but the feeling never came. At times I would notice how weak and how slow my heart beat was and how shallow my breathing was. I remember thinking to myself: “My body is in such a weak state right now that I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get through this experience”


Late into the night I started having extremely vivid visions. They were as real as reality itself. So realistic that I completely forgot I was on ibogaine. All of the visions had a cartoony look to them. I remember seeing beautiful lightning bolts and gorgeous flowers and thinking to myself: “I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life.” There were two medieval beings who were helping me process childhood traumas and told me some things about my future. In hindsight, after having time to reflect on this experience I believe the visions were a way for my subconscious mind to communicate with me to tell me where I went wrong and what I needed to do to fix it.


About 20 hours later the sun began to rise and the visions wore off, they were so real that I was convinced that I actually experienced them in the physical realm. When Sasha told me he was going to leave me on my own for a couple of hours I was feeling scared because I was afraid to be left alone with the beings that I had encountered. After Sasha left I got up to go to the toilet for the first time in 20 hours or so. Once I got up I started feeling noxious and immediately purged. The after taste of purging ibogaine was very sour however it was not anywhere near as foul as the taste of purging ayahuasca.

A few hours later, I had a shower and was back in bed as I was feeling very weak. Sasha came over and we had a discussion about what had occurred over the past 24 hours. He told me it would be normal to feel depressed over the next 2 days and that I would have trouble sleeping. He gave me a bunch of vitamins to help regulate the brain chemistry and to assist with sleep. I did not feel any depression at all instead I felt like my mind was in a state of zen. There was no trace of anxiety what so ever. For the next 4 days or so I mostly rested in my hotel room. When I went outside I would experience a whistling sound in my ears and a feeling of as though there was an aura around me. Sasha told me it was a normal experience after taking ibogaine. I did not get much sleep but when I slept I had extremely vivid dreams. Some were dark and some were pleasant dreams.


After I returned back home I started noticing the anxiety slowly coming back but I never worried or got disappointed. I took up meditating every day and started flooding my mind with positive thoughts which has helped me greatly. I also started reading books and watching videos on the power of the subconscious mind and positive thinking. It has been two and a half months since my ibogaine journey and my anxiety is barely noticeable and I fully believe that being anxiety free is a reality with an imminent arrival. I feel extremely motivated to be the best me I can be and to pursue all my dreams and goals until they become a reality. Taking ibogaine was a very powerful experience which shifted my outlook on life in a positive direction. Having 12 previous ayahuasca ceremonies to compare to my ibogaine journey I feel that ibogaine should be in its own category of psychedelics. I feel it was a much more effective and powerful tool for my problems. It was such a direct experience, I felt like I went deep inside mine subconscious and got to communicate to with my soul.


I am thankful for Abrey Marcus sharing his experiences with ibogaine and ayahuasca because without his brilliant point of view and advice I am doubtful that I would have tried either of them. Shasha stays in touch with all of his patients, he told me that I had been upgraded to a higher consciousness which I am now starting to understand what he meant by that. I am cognizant of always saturating my mind with positive thoughts and my outlook for the future is very positive. I have an undeniable believe that everything is going to be just fine. In my experience, the 24 hour trip was nowhere near as arduous as I expected and I recommend ibogaine to anyone that is having a mental problem and needs a positive shift in their life.

5.Finding Light And Inner Peace After 20 years Of Searching...

By Andrew from New Zealand, Nov 2015

After reading various websites relating to Ibogaine as a teaching tool for advancing spiritual growth, I then needed to find somewhere that would be suitable for treatment.


I was in Asia at the time, so decided to contact the treatment centre in Thailand. They answered all of my questions satisfactorily, so after meeting their pre-treatment requirements, I booked in to receive a treatment. The pre-treatment face to face interview was good as it confirmed to them that I was there for the right reasons, and also prepared me for what to expect during and after the treatment.


The next day we began! I went in expecting to get some answers to questions that I had about my purpose in life, and I was not disappointed. The experience was a purging of old ideas/thoughts and habits, and I came away with a new vision of how to think/and behave to achieve my desired goals for the future.


Through the visions, I experienced a much greater reality that I have ever seen before, and it made me really consider what I was contributing to the world, and showed me how to improve my general wellbeing and happiness with life. I came away without fear of the future, knowing that I was in the right place, and I had the ‘tools’ that I needed to succeed in my chosen direction for the future. This conformation was what I needed to come back into my ‘normal daily life’ and be happy and successful.


I would like to thank the team that gave me this experience, and looked after me with great attention and care during the treatment, and I would recommend them 100% to anyone who is looking to take a huge leap forward in their spiritual growth, or anyone dealing with addiction issues in their life.


Many thanks for this wonderful experience. In 20 years of searching and learning on the spiritual path, this was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had, and is the one experience that has given me the greatest leap forward in understanding, and confidence and trust in the process of life.

4. My First Pyscho-spiritual Trip: The Ibogaine Experience.

By Matias from Hong Kong, Oct 2015

Before arriving at ibogaine Thailand I made sure to read up on the subject and was made aware of how harsh ibogaine can be on the mind and body. The ibogaine treatment was definitely tough, but all good things come at a price. I think this is an essential part of the process; when I was done with the treatment I got the feeling that I had just survived a demanding journey, maybe comparable to a rite of passage.


At the beginning of the experience I felt vibrating energy and a buzzing feeling throughout my body and brain. I felt my legs getting numb and my body weakening. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time trying a psychedelic. My thoughts started speeding up and soon I started to visualize things. I felt as if everything around me radiated with energy.


Sasha and his sitter were very helpful and very professional. They made sure I had gone through all the checkpoints before administering the ibogaine to make sure I would be safe during the experience. I felt very comfortable with them. I couldn't have asked for better sitters during the experience.

3. iBoga Help Me Solve a Problem I Didn't Know I Had.

By Anonymous, From Vietnam, Sept 2015

First a bit of background. After a somewhat traumatic childhood things went up hill for me. I worked very hard to achieve my dream job which I thoroughly enjoy. I make more than enough money to do anything I like. I have a beautiful wife and two lovely children. I developed several skills on the side, which is a great way to express my creativity. The downside though is that I was spending way too much time behind my computer. Other than that, I consider myself spiritual, awakened, and grounded in life. Or so I thought.


Even though I was quite happy, I had issues. I had a real hard time sleeping and I would feel sad inside from time to time. The sleeping issue got to a point where I had tried everything but I was getting nowhere. Some things did work but I felt it was treating a symptom and not getting to the core of the problem.


Then I came across Ibogaine. I initially brushed it off because I had tried DMT before and that didn’t solve the problem. It also seemed to be more directed towards chemical addiction treatment but that wasn’t my issue. Well, at least not a chemical addiction. More on that later.


At some point I saw a movie which featured a scene where someone went through withdrawal and woke up having a new life (Self/less). That scene intrigued me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I didn’t understand why because I wasn’t addicted and I never went through withdrawal. Because of this, iboga came up again and I figured I’d give it a try.


I live in Asia and I wanted to go to a clinic somewhere close. I found two Ibogaine clinics in Thailand with the same name but one of them seems to be actually located in Costa Rica, so I eventually ended up at Ibogaine-Thailand from Sasha.


Sasha is very thorough in preparing you for the treatment. You have to follow a strict diet before taking Ibogaine and there is a long list of foods to avoid. You are also required do a few medical checks in order to be accepted for treatment. And for good reason. A tragic accident at one of the other clinics in Thailand casted a shadow over the whole thing. It could have been avoided with strict protocol.


So after two flights, a bus ride, and two ferries, I ended up at a beautiful tropical place south of Krabi. Sasha recommended that I make a list of questions and meditate on that, which I did.


We started the treatment the next morning. I had to do a drug test and then I received a micro dose to check for any adverse reaction. After that I received the flood dose in pill form, which was nice because apparently it doesn’t taste good. He explained a bit about the bodily sensations to expect. I also was wearing a mobile blood pressure measuring device, which was a welcome safety measure.


Sasha and his sitter take 8 hour shifts to take care of you round the clock, which in hind sight you really need. Never go to a clinic who leave you alone during the first two days, because you cannot move and you will be very dehydrated. Not to mention the physical dangers of being alone.


After a short time I started to feel the effects. I got nauseous which I managed to overcome because I didn’t want to purge the good stuff so soon. A short time later my arms and legs started vibrating or ringing violently, as if you hold a large diesel motor at full power. My actual limbs didn’t vibrate but that is what it felt like. Then I felt a strange sensation as if a strong magnetic field moved as a fork through my legs every second or so. That was interesting and I remember thinking “wow, this is pretty cool”.


Then I moved my arm but nothing happened. I though “oh this must be the paralysation I heard about”, but suddenly about two seconds later my arm did actually move, making a humming sound. That sensation was just beyond bizarre. There was a large delay between any body movement and the sensation you normally get when you move a limb. The sensory body position (where you imagine your limbs to be when you close your eyes) was also delayed when moved around. Sasha told me to stay still which was definitely good advice.


Shortly after I started to see some beings on the bottom of my vision. I was wearing a blindfold and earplugs but I could clearly see them and hear them. They looked like cute little children, not human, but very human-like. They tried to get my attention, saying “hey, hello!”, and giggling.


I saw some other beings and then I remembered my question list. I started asking questions but I received the answer in my own voice. It was a bit confusing as the audio of my own thoughts was delayed also. Both the delay and own-voice replies I had experienced before during my DMT trips so I managed to overcome the confusion and get some useful insights out of it.


It was pretty cool so far but now things started to change. I entered a typical DMT-like trip, full of patterns. It wasn’t exactly the same as with DMT but pretty similar. I remember thinking “oh no, this is not what I am here for, please no”. But I was entering the trip no matter what. For the next 8 hours I was pounded with total insanity and endless repetitive tasks, visual patterns, and thought loops.


I purged so much, Sasha afterwards said he had never seen it so bad. I remember thinking “why am I doing these nonsensical things”, but I couldn’t help myself. I just had to complete this absolutely pointless tasks as if I was totally insane and suffering from severe obsessive compulsive disorder. At some point I heard someone who was with me saying enthusiastically “come on, we are done, let’s go”. And I replied “no wait, let me just finish this first”. At that point I just turned myself inside out and had a massive purge.


All this purging had made me very dehydrated and Sasha kept nudging me to drink water which I gladly did. I was in no state to hold a bottle and had to drink through a straw. My eyes were extremely sensitive to light. It was a combination of regular light sensitivity and total information overload by looking at anything. A bizarre experience on its own. Also your audio sensitivity is way of the charts. Any spoken language quickly becomes too much. Even the airco fan was too much for me. When I see how they do traditional Iboga sessions with people dancing, singing, and torches all over, I honestly don’t know how people can cope with that.


When the psychedelic trip finally faded, I was left with endless chatter in my mind which was painful and tiring. Sasha told me that I came out of the trip earlier than usual and offered me to take another flood dose. But I declined the offer because intuitively I knew I would get just more of the same experience.


But the message of the core issue I was having had been delivered. What I basically did was solving complex problems in my mind, all day long. I actually enjoyed that, believe it or not. And I wondered why I couldn’t sleep. Whether it was behind the computer designing something or just during the day, I just had to solve some problem. I didn’t even remotely think it was that damaging. Sometimes I would wake up from a dream or just before falling asleep where I was trying to solve some nonsensical problem. I didn’t understand why that was, because at daytime the projects I was working on made sense to me and I thought it was important. I just didn’t get. It.


I asked the question if this absolute torture I experienced for hours was really necessary to make the point. The answer was yes, it really needed to be that bad. Then I thought that perhaps they blew the whole thing out of proportion to make a point, but I immediately heard a voice say “no, it is not out of proportion, this is exactly what you were doing”.


For the remaining time I was still very sensitive to my own thoughts, reminding me of the nonsense I was engaged in for so many years. I could see some beings again, which were small alien lifeforms but like the others, looked very human-like. There were a lot of children and they were very playful. They lived in very advanced ships made of lines of colourful light. The ships where intermingled with each other and I was right in the middle of it. It felt very cosy being there. The children were really enjoying the games they were playing with some sort of Virtual Reality device. There also were some sort of ball-triangle shaped devices on top of the cluster of ships. Sometimes they would re-arrange making a humming sound. It felt very nice and at the time I know what they were for, but I have since forgotten. Meanwhile my mind was still pounding me with chatter.


I didn’t sleep for two days but I actually felt quite ok. When I could barely walk again, I decided to look at the mirror. I expected that I didn’t look too pretty but I was surprised to see that I looked healthy and had vibrant eyes. The following days I slowly recovered but I did enter a depression stage for about half a day. Sasha told me this is normal. It was interesting because all the things which interested me before didn’t anymore. I lost interest in my computer and even wanted to quit my job. Both of them would be unthinkable just a few days earlier. I felt very guilty that I had spent so much time behind my computer and my wife and children suffering from that.


At some point I wanted to send an email to my wife telling her I was ok. I could feel that she worried a lot about me. The light from my laptop screen hurt a lot, even though I turned the brightness all the way down and pointed the screen away. My finger coordination was really bad and I had multiple tries typing each word. I noticed countless emails in my inbox from mailing lists I am subscribed to which I never read. Before this didn’t bother me but now I saw the lunacy in it and looking at all the nonsense hurt my eyes and soul even more.


After I felt a bit better and my eyes could handle daylight, I went for a walk outside. I had a small amount of trails in my vision but this only happened when I just woke up. Walking was still a bit hard and I had to take small slow steps. It felt nice to go outside though, as I had stayed in my room for two full days. It must have looked weird when I walked passed other people walking like a Zen Buddhist with an enlightened look on my face. But I didn’t care. Another vision I had during my trip was that it doesn’t make sense to worry about what other people think because it doesn’t affect you. They are the one with a bad feeling and not you. I went to the beach and walked on the bottom of the ocean during low tide. I was still very emotional and had to cry a bit. When I went back to my room I had to cry even more. There was just so much I went through.


By the fourth day or so I felt like I had a new life. The feeling is hard to describe but it really felt I had been given a clean start. It was quite surreal. I had never experienced anything like that. I felt lighter both physically and mentally. The nonsense chatter in my mind was gone, although milder thoughts where still there. I also lost interest in the obsessive projects I was engaged in, mostly on my computer. It really felt like I was addicted to heroin and I had to go through this terrible withdrawal to get rid of it. The addiction wasn’t a chemical but it was behavioural. Actually, people told me before I was addicted to the computer but I just refused to see it. Now that my mind is in peace again, I can sleep really well.


I really enjoy playing with my two year old son now, whereas before I would be bored quickly. I cannot believe I left him play alone so much before, especially because I see myself in him. It makes me cry just to think of that. It is quite incredible how much I have changed in a few days of Iboga treatment. It is quite a change for my wife too. She says I look different, eat different, talk different, and act different. It is just a whole new me.


It has been a week now and I am still blown away by the experience. I enjoyed my first day at work (luckily) but I still feel a little bit depressed from time to time. But I feel better each day. I have the feeling that Iboga uncovered another problem I am having. Perhaps because of un-processed childhood trauma, I created mental activities to cover up the depression. The layer of mental activities has been peeled away and now I am left with another core issue at hand. I am still in the healing process though and maybe it will go away after some time. Either way, I am grateful I had this experience as I don’t think I could have solved a mind problem with my mind. If this depression lasts, I will do Iboga again, because even though the treatment includes suffering, it is the best psychological help I have ever had. Iboga is truly a magical plant.


One thing I would like to say if you ever want to try Iboga is that you better be ready to accept change in your life. It is very heavy on your mind and body so make it worthwhile. If you refuse to accept the truth, Iboga can’t help you. You will always have your free will, so you can do whatever you want. But if you have a serious enough psychological problem and you want help fixing it, Iboga is perfect for you.

2. A Chronic Pain Patient Diary: The Ibogaine Experience.

By Robert From Singapore, July 2015

A couple of years ago, after numerous alternative and mainstream attempts at solving chronic back pain I'd been dealing with for years, I finally realized nothing was working and decided to go ahead with spinal surgery. The surgery went well and afterwards I was put on Tramadol for pain. Successive periodic doctor visits over the next eighteen months showed improvement, but because there was residual pain, Tramadol was continually prescribed to manage it. I was becoming increasingly disturbed. 


I hated the dependance on a pain medication. Even more seriously, I was finding the medication was changing the way I reacted to things. I found I was increasingly discontent, irritated at everything and unable to appreciate people in my life the way I wished. However, I found to my dismay that now I could not stop.


After several failed attempts to taper off, I did some research and subsequently reached out to IbogaineThailand. I had read articles indicating benefits of the treatment with opioid addiction, and while the pain medication I was on was synthetic - not an opiate, it behaved like one. I made contact with Sasha. His approach was educated and clear. He put a lot of attention on determining if ibogaine is the right treatment. He was rigorous about following protocols for safety. Our exchanges were uncomplicated. 


The treatment was set for several weeks out. Prior to the actual treatment I followed Sasha's thorough suggestions regarding diet and preparation. I arrived at the setting for treatment and Sasha offered a supportive experience.


The treatment itself was just as described on their website. The treatment is not easy but it worked. It's been nearly five weeks since treatment and while I have been dealing with the re-emergence of significant back pain, I have not had a single - even momentary desire to take Tramadol. I have my faculties back. I can think. I can once again love the people around me much more robustly.

1. From Australia to Thailand: A testimonial on our iBogaine therapy in Thailand that cured my partner's 10 year opiate addiction.

By Les.C From Australia, Sept 2014

My partner was someone who was once a high-functioning codeine pill addict at/no less than 500mg of codeine+ibuprofen pills. It all begin with a sports injury and then slow-balling to opiate pills for 10 long years. Despite his best efforts at concealment, his physical symptoms of his addiction, such as insomnia, shakiness, ulcers, loss of appetite, low sex drive, paranoia or nausea is so obvious. If family obligations got in the way and he couldn't find a pharmacy, he would have a melt-down of epic proportions and that was of course detrimental to our relationship having to see your love one pharmacy shopping every single day.


I am not stupid, or naive, but my partner is incredibly smart and manipulative. I knew at times in the 2 years we were together he was back on pain meds, but he always said he quit and was clean. The last draw was finding empty pill packets everywhere in the house, his bag and pockets and his stash of new pills. I become very angry and resentful towards him. I did not sign on for this. We are both professionals, highly educated and regarded as role model citizens in our community. I am embarrassed, mortified, and scared to death. What if he was to OD in bed lying next to me? Will I be able to get over it should such thing ever happen? After the long talks and fights, we decided to see a addiction specialist. And he was put on to the replacement therapy of putting him on suboxone. Weekly drug clinics are not something I can cope with to be honest. During his suboxone withdrawals, I swear I had seen the ghost shell of my partner. (All the real bad crying, sweating, shaking, diarrhea) killed me, and to see your partner in that state was truly traumatic. I felt so helpless and was in a pain seeing my partner going through his addiction and uncontrollable mood swings. Instead of letting the disease taking control my partner, we began a mission of research.I was saddened to learn that opiate addicts generally have a 10% chance of long-term recovery without relapse in our Western medical system.At best, we can hope to transfer their addiction to equally toxic (though more stable and legal) options of synthetic opiates, morphine, methadone, and other pharmaceuticals.


The future did not look bright.


Then— my partner remembered that he had once heard vague details years ago about an obscure African sacred medicine called iboga that cured addiction, specifically heroin addiction, while alleviating withdrawal symptoms in one treatment. Make no bones about it, our addiction GP doctor was laughing us off when we told him we are looking into iBogaine for his opiate addiction. The GP was doubtful of the science behind iBogaine even though our neighbours in New Zealand have put iBogaine as a legal prescribed drug with addiction clinics using ibogaine to help addicts. However more I learned about iboga, the more that it called to me for my own spiritual and physical healing as well as my partner's addictions. For some reason, we decided to use a provider in Thailand due to cost and wanting to keep our anonymity . We felt very comfortable with their persona on Skype and how they took time to talk and educate us and what to expect from the treatment. My partner offered his full participation and set all the intention for his healing to begin. I saw a healing miracle unlike any in my life. We send him his EKG and blood test/liver function test to the provider in Thailand to asses his suitability for the iBogaine.


iBogaine Thailand is really experienced with opiate addicts. They knew the struggles he was going though from our very first email that we wrote to them. These guys knew the BS of the Australia addiction care and rehabilitation system so well, that they even gave us so many useful tips/after care plan for post-ibogaine. When my partner arrived in Thailand, he was already in minor withdrawal mode. His provider firstly took his bag away, made him flush down residue pills that he was carrying with him, did a piss test on him to make he is clean before giving him some ibogaine micro-doses to deal with his withdrawals.


The next morning, he was given some anti-nausea pills and a tiny dose to test his reaction on it. One hour later, he was given a full flood dose and within a hour, his vision started appearing him. He recounts the horrors of the first few hours of his ibogaine treatment: the purging, the shaking, the mental noise, the total overwhelm, the waves of fear and regret, the assault of mental imagery, memories, scenes from his life and where he screwed up. A central theme of "love love love" came to him as he resolve the traumas. Through the spirit of Mother iBoga, he starts to forgive – himself, his parents, the people in his life, friends and enemies, anyone who’s ever hurt him, anyone he’s ever hurt; he’s naming names, releasing rivers of pain and regret, asking to be cleansed, forgiven.


Within 24 hours of the first treatment, my partner is a new man. He was completely purified of his cravings and physical dependence. His spirit returned to his eyes. Light returned to his face. Over the next few months, his inner and outer talk begins to change. He articulates a vision for a new life. He tells us he believes now that it’s possible to repair some of the damage in his life. Even more important, he says, for the first time he feels as if he’ll be able to stay clean.


It wasn’t his addiction was gone. His whole life was purified, and our whole relationship as well. He immediately became vegetarian and more conscious about eating an organic, healthy diet, when cheese, meat and dairy had previously been the norm. Through the iBogaine treatment, he cultivated a whole new level of mental hygiene. He became an artist of his own thoughts and emotions. He started joining me at my yoga class, when before iboga he would roll out of bed onto his computer to watch his youtube videos. He is a new man literally! For those of you who have a high functioning addict spouse, please don't lose hope. Research more about iBogaine and there's finally light at the end of the tunnel. Please make sure that you want to make sure you’re doing the iBogaine treatment safely, with people you know you can trust. But if you are ready, then ibogaine will definitely change your love one's life.

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