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These testimonials are from our guests sharing their personal experiences and may be useful for anyone who is considering iBogaine therapy. Every person's iBogaine experience is unique to the individual and each iBogaine journey has got a unique flavour of its own.

25. Initiation into pain and suffering to find self love

By Henry from Vietnam, March 2024

One month after my ibogaine treatment, I remain convinced that it was one of the best experiences of my life. On the outside, I don’t think anyone would say that I’ve changed. However, internally, I can attest to processing emotions in a more mature and healthier way, which has had a domino effect, improving many areas of my life. My motivation for undergoing the treatment was to heal, or at least get closer to healing, my past childhood trauma of neglect and sexual abuse, which likely led to my suffering from complex post-traumatic stress disorder. I haven’t been diagnosed by a mental health professional, partly because I am extremely mistrustful and have a hard time asking for help – a symptom of my condition.

In the past, I discovered that psychoactive plants were one of the most powerful catalysts for my healing. I am deeply grateful for what the sacred medicines allowed me to experience. Psychoactive plants seem to be the kind of help I can accept and trust, as long as I treat them with reverence and do the homework they ask of me.

Iboga called me for the last four years, but it always seemed an impossible undertaking, and the involvement of other people turned me away.

Then, I came across After some correspondence and an online video call, I felt safe and in capable hands.

My specific interest in iboga was because ibogaine, its psychoactive component, comes from its root. That's what I was after: the roots of my suffering. My intentions reflected this: "Dear iboga, please help me heal. Help me heal the roots of my suffering." These were the lines I recited under the supervision and guidance of a trained professional and experienced shaman just before ingesting the medicine, and I internally repeated them until the medicine took effect.

The experience was unlike any psychedelic journey I had ever undertaken. Ibogaine took its time; it was a 24-hour full-on experience during which I could neither sleep nor eat, and walking without assistance was impossible.

Ibogaine was very straightforward. My intention to seek help with healing the roots of my suffering was met as soon as the medicine began to work.

My first and central vision was as follows:

A chasm opened in the ground, revealing a tunnel that plunged deep down. I followed this tunnel all the way to the bottom, a depth I had never reached before. Indeed, this tunnel led me to the deepest roots of my being. At the end of the tunnel, upon reaching the ground, stood an unspeakably scary gate, emanating danger. The gate was adorned in the most terrifying manner: monstrous teeth protruding from its frame, blood seeping from beneath the doors, warning signs made of bones, decaying carcasses, and screams emanating from skulls.

It was clear: This gate was the entrance to the house of pain; the most dangerous place of all. The only sensible action would have been to flee from this place of suffering. But escaping suffering wasn't why I came. I wanted to understand the roots of suffering and how to heal them.

Thus, I repeated my intention: "Dear iboga, please help me heal. Help me heal the roots of my suffering." Iboga responded by rotating my view, showing me what was beyond that gate. Behind the horrifying façade was a small room where a child was hiding. The child sat on a chair, turned away from the entrance, drawing on a sheet of paper at a desk.

This child was my inner child, sheltered in the safest place at the heart's bottom. The frightful exterior served to scare away all evil. Observing the child, I learned about suffering. When threatened, an organism has the defense mechanism of literally swallowing the child away. The organism can conceal the child at its very core so it can't be reached by malevolence. The inner child, in this context, symbolizes the soul—the pure, innocent goodness of our hearts with the capacity to love and be loved. When the threat passes, the child is allowed to emerge and play with others. However, if the threat is constant, the child must remain concealed due to a lack of safety. A hidden inner child represents a severe deficit, as the organism can't return to homeostasis without the child's loving power. Anything hidden or covered invokes shame and guilt. Thus, healing involves reconnecting with the inner child and assisting its return to the surface so that love can guide life again.

Iboga revealed a second piece of the puzzle when the shaman encouraged me to ask the plant to show me my fear. Once again, iboga's response was direct. It revealed the hidden child's fear: loneliness.

I was taken back to my childhood, to a night when I awoke alone at home, convinced that my parents had finally abandoned me without a word. I recalled crying so hard that my abdominal muscles ached for days. I felt that pain in my stomach—the pain of the child, a discomfort that had been with me for thirty years.

Experiencing that pain, I learned my final lesson about suffering: All suffering stems from a lack of love. The absence of love is the root of all pain. Therefore, the fear of loneliness is actually a fear of not being loved, or more precisely, the shame of being unworthy of love. My trauma was the result of growing up in a loveless world. Then it became clear what was needed for healing.

As I empathized with the child's pain, it trusted that I understood its suffering. With a newfound comprehension of its fear of loneliness, I could alleviate it. I assured the child that I would never leave it alone, saying, "I will always be here for you. I love you. I love you forever." And I truly meant it.

That child was me, and I was now able to be the parent I never had.

Only after fully acknowledging the suffering was I prepared to heal. Only after expressing love for my inner child was I ready to feel loved. The love I felt for myself filled what I had been missing. By loving myself, healing became possible.

Love is the only power that can heal pain. With the emotional processing of adding love to pain, the suffering can begin to ease.Finding the hidden child and acknowledging its pain were the main visions of the first 24 hours. The second day, aptly called the "grey days" due to exhaustion and overwhelming sadness, was a continuation of feeling the extreme pain of the abandoned child.

On the third day, intense feelings of love became more frequent. Brief visions of human and animal babies, filled with overwhelming love, surfaced. It was the love that a mother should feel for her child—the love my mother never made me feel. Visions of my mother as a child helped me connect with her inner child in a loving light. Deep within her, there is still a child locked away.

The afterglow of the ibogaine experience was fascinating. Initially, the motion trails, an effect of ibogaine, created disorientation and dizziness that hindered walking. But in the following days, these trails provided a heightened clarity in my thought processes. I could observe events, pause to reassess, and choose alternative responses to habitual behaviors. It was as though iboga offered a fork in my path, allowing me to take a different route from the usual way. This was exceptionally beneficial for enacting behavioral changes and redesigning mental patterns.

In the days and weeks that followed, I felt the presence of iboga lingering mostly in my dreams. I experienced three terrible panic attacks during the night. Thankfully, last week, I had one of the best dreams I can remember: I reacted in a healthy and appropriate manner upon waking within the dream to someone sexually assaulting me. My response to the assault gave me a sense of empowerment and the ability to protect myself, a crucial feeling for allowing my inner child to emerge and introduce love into my life. In similar past dreams, I would snap and resort to extreme violence. But in this dream, my reaction was appropriate, just as an adult should respond.

My healing is evident in the small things. Before the treatment, my girlfriend's compulsive finger-cracking, which used to enrage me, still annoys me but without causing pain or eliciting a defensive reaction.

Many things that previously provoked irritation and anxiety now feel manageable due to improved emotional processing. It's as if a positive internal voice has been strengthened, helping to quell the negative ones. It's not that suffering disappeared from my life. It's just that I got better at dealing with pain in a healthy way. I think that's what growing up means.

In summary, I am thankful to for making this cosmic experience possible for me. An ibogaine treatment is a root experience – a deep and hardcore journey, not for the faint of heart. But if you feel the call of iboga, can help you answer.

24. From Fear, Resentment and Alcoholism to Peace & Freedom

By Meshaal from Saudi Arabia, June 2022

Id like to thank Sasha and my higher power for somehow getting me through the  Ibogaine treatment. It has been about  1 month since the treatment and I feel I'm a different person! Prior to Ibogaine treatment I struggled with anger, resentments, fear and alcohol  addiction problems. The biggest gift that Ibogaine has given me was that I no longer resent my own family! the feeling has changed when I'm in their presence! It has also taken me to a spiritual journey which I must continue, I actually feel a heart in my chest which I lost for 22years! a strange feeling for me. I don't plan to ever do it again as what I experienced wasn't easy. I would suggest to people who really are struggling and want to change but as I told Sasha, 'TRIP" is the wrong word for it, It was long, it was real and my life will never be the same again! Sasha is very professional, he guided me through my difficult times and stayed up with me for 5 full days, he is still helping me until today with questions I have for my spiritual journey!

Thank you very Much and best of luck to anybody about to change their life! 

23. Profoundly healing, deeply cleansing, wisely executed ibogaine experience

By Shem Goldstein From Israel, April 2023

Before working with Sasha, I had some large, unanswered questions in my life. I went into the session with an open mind, and an open heart. The venue was beautiful, incredible gardens, absolutely lovely. From meeting with Sasha prior to the session. my mind was put at rest that he knew what he was talking about. The session began in a very procedural way, I was very impressed with the high degree of professionalism that Sasha showed with taking readings, measurements. I felt very safe and re-assured. Once the initial session was over, for the next few days, Sasha would do a wonderful job at guiding me through the visions which were appearing to me. His deep knowledge of the human condition, and psychological/spiritual principles helped incredibly with getting the most out of this session. All the questions I had were answered, and more. For anyone who has the slightest interest in an Iboga session (everyone should do this medicine), I would recommend Sasha without hesitation. His knowledge of the substance and process is comprehensive, and his professionalism shines through. Additionally his deep deep knowledge of esoteric practice is incredibly helpful. 10/10

22. Facing my demons to open my heart

By Melissa from Thailand, March 2021

There is no doubt from the testimonials here and confirmed from my own experience that Sasha is an extremely prepared and thoughtful guide. He cares for you throughout the Iboga experience and the days after. It is safe, rigorously monitored and Sasha makes it as comfortable for you as possible. 

In my personal experience, I can probably add to what many others say, which is that my life is now split into a before and after Iboga timeline. I sought out Iboga after getting fed up with suffering years of cyclical depression and self-hatred. No traditional psychotherapy or medication could scratch the surface of the depth of my pain and anger. Iboga spoke directly to the source of all that pain, not with a whisper but a shout. It was an awesome, beautiful, terrifying experience. Words cannot explain the visions but I saw exactly what I needed to. The days after, the imagery was still there but the fear of facing it was still too great for me. I was too scared to be by myself and reflect. Although I left that first experience with an enormous sense of relief and zest to re-experience life, I reconnected with Sasha 6 months later to enquire about taking Iboga a second time. I had been doing some meditating in the months prior and my subconscious was telling me I needed to go back and process what I saw. I needed to face the fear again. I kept seeing signs in my dreams and meditations.

After much reluctance and crying and back and forths whether I was doing the right thing to take Iboga the second time, I finally ingested the dose and wow. The second time I was able to process everything Iboga had tried to tell me the first time. Iboga was kinder to me and finally I was able to dip into that well of sadness from years of repressed self-hatred. Eventually, that turned into an unimaginable sense of self-love, acceptance and re-assurance that I've never felt before in my life. Moreover, while before I felt I had to seek love from any and every outside source and distraction -- I knew then that I've had this within myself the whole time. This all might seem obvious to the average observer but looking back now I really was so closed off from my heart I couldn't see any of this. 

I also went in wanting Iboga to give me answers to big things like "Why are we here?" "What is the meaning of life?" Iboga gave me the answers to those, and many, many, many more. Many of which, I've come to realize, are really just none of my damn business. Iboga plainly taught me that the answers I thought I needed weren't the ones I needed to live my life.

Thank you Sasha and thank you for letting me experience Iboga. Taking Iboga is an intense and deeply personal experience but whoever feels at the end of their rope like I was... Iboga is a very special method to see where the rope goes and where it came from. I"m back in love with life and I know how to live out the rest of my years.

21. My heart opening experience with the divine spirit of Iboga.

By Ruwan from Australia, August 2019

I became interested in Iboga medicine after seeing a documentary by the name “The Reality
of Truth” on youtube. After that I started doing research on Iboga medicine and found Ibogaine
Thailand through Google. I contacted Sasha via their website and he provided the details
explaining the steps I’d have to follow before he could accept me for treatment with Iboga
medicine. After couple of weeks I submitted my medical reports (ECG & Blood Liver Panel)
to Sasha and had a one-on-on call over Skype. Having successfully passed the pre-
treatment screening, we locked in a date and my accommodation in Thailand was organised
by Sasha.

When I arrived Sasha went through the procedure in careful details and
provided me guidance on how I could set my intentions and structure my questions to spirit
of Iboga during the treatment. I had my flood dose around 10am the next day. After taking
the medicine, I lied down on the bed with ear buds, eye mask and waited for the effect to
come in. During this time, Sasha continued to check my blood pressure every 30 mins and
kept me hydrated by giving me coconut water drink. Sasha made sure everything is perfectly
taken care of, so I can fully concentrate on the Iboga experience and nothing else.

My personal experience with the spirit of Iboga was very different to what I thought it was
going to be. Based on what I’ve seen and read online, I was actually expecting a
combination of psychedelic visuals, visions and direct answers to my questions within an
hour or so from me taking the flood dose. I remember asking my first question about one and
half hours from taking the flood dose but didn’t see or hear anything other than seeing what
appeared to be some squiggly lines in my peripheral vision. At the time I couldn’t recall
anything eventful happening during the hours that followed and I was somewhat
disappointed thinking that I didn’t take enough of a dosage for the medicine to actually work.
Sasha and Fibi took turns taking good care of me on a roster. They regularly checked my
blood pressure, kept me hydrated and helped me to move between the bed and the

My recollection of how the next few days spanned out is bit sketchy. Next day I remember
feeling emotionally down and Sasha told me it’s quite normal for people to feel that way
while Iboga medicine works though you. Later during the night to my surprise, I started
getting fragments of memories from the previous day. I remember how I saw a photo of me
when I was about two years old, a certain heart-breaking event that I experienced when I
was about nine years old and some other personal events from the past. What followed from
there is difficult for me to put in writing. I received a series of insights, which came to me
progressively, each one building upon the previous one, ending up in a climax and had me in
tears of joy. I was overwhelmed by love, joy and gratitude. Then I came to realise in my
heart how the spirit of Iboga knew exactly how to deliver the message to me in a way that
was very personal to me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards the spirit of Iboga, how
it healed me in the best way I couldn’t even imagine to be possible with such unconditional
love. In my opinion, there’s no human therapist in the planet who could get anywhere even
remotely close to the divine spirit of Iboga when it comes to its healing powers. I had no idea
that my heart was closed until Iboga opened it up for me and I could start feeling it again.
From this moment onwards, I started experiencing a continuing lucid dream every time I
closed my eyes. This went on for few days including on the flight back home. I still can’t work
out to this day, where the plot for this dream came from as it was way too epic to have
generated from within my own imagination. To give a brief idea, I was seeing the beginning
of the universe, the rise and fall of human and non-human civilisations over multiple aeons

and so on. I was questioning my own sanity at times because of the things I was seeing and

As of this writing, it has been about six weeks since my experience with spirit of Iboga. I no
longer experience the lucid dream but still feels very much connected to my heart like never
before. Have been practicing heart coherence meditation daily and also started practising
the exercises from Falun Gong.

Below are some of the lessons I learned through my experience with the spirit of Iboga:

1. Our moral code (which is a function of the analytical mind) is like a set of training wheels
on a bike. The same way the training wheels keeps us from falling off the bike the moral
code keeps us from doing the wrong thing. Opening of the heart is like when you finally learn
how to balance the bike. It’s difficult to explain but there’s an inner instinct that steer you in
the right direction without having to put any thought. Once the heart is open, you don’t need
a moral code to do the right thing.

2. Unconditional love is very rare and most love we experience is a representation of love
created by the mind. For example, a person who loves their pet doesn’t necessarily love the
pet unconditionally. Rather, they’re attached to the feeling which they mistake for love.
Unconditional love and attachment are two entirely different things. One you cling to and the
other one is about letting go.

3. Our inability to fully love ourselves unconditionally creates a void in us all. This void
creates a craving in the mind which in turn looks for ways to fill it using external simulations
experienced via the five senses. Since the mind can’t fill the void in the heart, we humans go
into a perpetual cycle of craving, aversion, birth, death and re-birth. It’s like a Deer chasing a

What I wrote above might make sense to some and not so for others. Unfortunately, I feel
language is a very blunt tool when it comes to explaining things related to the heart. Put it
simply, no amount of reading can substitute a meeting with the divine! I understand that
Iboga medicine might not be for everyone but if you are that person who’s ready, then I
would highly recommend you reach out to Sasha and Fibi. I know they’ll look after you the
same way they looked after me. I’m so grateful to Sasha and Fibi and they will have a
special place in my heart always. Peace and Love!

20. Integration after ibogaine experience is just as important as the preparation

By Leo from Uruguay, June 2019

My experience with iBogaine Thailand was absolutely amazing. From the very first moment I met Sasha and Fibbi I knew they were very special persons. Sasha was an incredible guide and facilitator and made the preparation, the intake and the afterwards integration truly meaningful. Iboga plant is such a miracle, the days after the ceremony I experienced such peace that I never felt before and that give me insight how I could really work that into my intentions and purposes for the future. If you are into personal growth and conscious expansion this is an experience that I’d definitively recommend. 

19. Clearing energy blockage with ibogaine

By Annonymous from UAE, March 2019

I would like to share my iBogaine experience after contacting ibogaine thailand via the internet. I started talking with Sasha and exchange emails, followed by screenings and video call before I was accepted to the program. The first day when I had arrived, I've met Sasha and his wife Fibbi and they explained step by step the process,and next day morning we start as I take the medicine and I stayed around 24 to 30 hours in my bed. The medicine was working on my body as I had felt  that the energy that was stuck in my left abdominal had moved during the process. Sasha and Fibbi was present with me through out my journey and they took good care of me. It took me  around 3 to 4 days to completely recover physically  and I’m incredibly pleased with iBogaine Thailand as they were very professional and honest people. Sasha has helped me to integrate my experiences post iBogaine and I still turn to Sasha for his advise post ibogaine from time to time when I needed someone. He is really great person  and if you are looking for professional and honest people to work with for you during your iBogaine experience I really highly recommend you iBogaine Thailand. Thank you :) 

18. The root of all problems. The root of all strength.

By Lindsay from USA, December 2018

I will begin this review by setting up the context of my Ibogaine experience with Ibogaine Thailand. My interest begin with hearing the root mentioned in a podcast. My mind kept ruminating with curiosity and hours upon hours of research followed. I wrote several emails and Sasha responded with thorough and honest information about what he could offer. He was patient and had careful, cultivated responses. Our emails back and forth led to a Skype meeting. The Ibogaine prerequisites (EKG & Blood Liver Panel) as well as my intentions for working with the root were examined and Sasha outlined the basic summary of how the experience would go, as well as the foundation for how it could assist me. After being approved, he set up a time frame, the particular type of Ibogaine I would ingest, a pre-treatment diet, an intention to focus on.

Once there, Sasha and his partner Fibbi outlined my journey, reiterated what I should expect, took my weight, administered a drug test, and checked my vitals. This data was essential for determining my dosage and for mental ease ahead of treatment. Both Sasha and Fibbi watched over me carefully during the flood dose. They periodically took my vitals every half hour, as well as keep me hydrated - my flood lasted for about 30 hours total. I had a great peace of mind knowing that every element of my flood experience was considered. I was never left to feel completely alone, and the extra dosage was kept ready in the event that I would want to go deeper in the flood. This option was given after the first hour of the flood.

Initially, an anti-nausea medication is administered before the Ibogaine is ingested. A microdose is given to ensure that no allergic reaction occurs. Earplugs and eye shades are provided, and the room is prepared with respect and reverence for the journey. I was drawn to Ibogaine Thailand for all the aforementioned facts as well as the personal one-on-one setting. Sasha has a very honest, pure, and direct intentionality about him. He is professional yet caring and it sets an ideal environment for ingesting the grandfather of all psychedelic medicines. Fibbi was wonderful as well, she has a nurturing, gentle, and graceful tone in regard to her care. Sasha and Fibbi are a balanced pair of care providers for an Ibogaine journey and I highly recommend Ibogaine Thailand because of this. Their intentions for my experience and well-being were very evident throughout the process.

Now, for the more personal review of my experience. It has been just over a month and a half since my flood dose. I was drawn to the root for a variety of reasons, namely my struggles with OCD and an eating disorder. I wanted to end my coping mechanisms for generational trauma, trauma that I could not break even though none of my compulsions served a purpose anymore. My issues run deep and were addictive, and I could not escape them with brute force and willpower. I tried everything in my control to stop them, from living abroad off the grid for a year, yoga, extensive meditation, living in an ashram for three months, and more. All my attempts would backfire and result in a new set of coping mechanisms: Adderall abuse, reclusiveness, over-exercising, brutal perfectionism, etc.

Ibogaine seemed to be a last resort for me. During my flood I experienced visions along with feelings of death and rebirth in extreme darkness. These visions were quickly arriving and passing, and consistently interrupted my journey with fears of failure. The failure was manifested in the form of scenes where I would have to tell all my friends and loved ones that I was irreversibly broken, and that Ibogaine had not worked on me - I felt like a lost child in these moments. It took me a while to process my experience and I continue to do so. Ibogaine goes directly to the source of pain and trauma, and speaks to you in the harshest ways that you speak to yourself. I was able to view my thought process and emotions that obstruct me. Ibogaine provided me the insight I needed to face my inner pain body directly. I am now meditating daily, I stopped compulsively biting my nails, and I am seeing consciousness as a force that exists outside of myself. I am working on accepting who I am now.

Thank you Sasha and Fibbi.

17. Most important thing I have ever done...

By Marco from New York, December 2018

Choosing to get treatment from Ibogaine-Thailand was possibly the most important thing I've ever done in my life. It took some work and some patience,  but it was worth it. From the moment I met Sasha in the flesh to the last time I saw him at the end of my treatment, I felt safe, secure, and taken proper care of. I'm now free of the things that were damaging my health and my soul. In addition, I can honestly say that this is the most reasonably priced Ibogaine treatment in the world. Sasha isn't in this for the money, he's in it to guide the spiritually destitute back to the correct path. Thank you Ibogaine-Thailand for your patience and professionalism!

16. I have a much better focus on life, direction and overcame a sex addiction

By Annonymous from Australia, January 2019

Straight after the experience, I was able to articulate so well and the words just fell into place, of my full experience that was nothing short of incredible.

Its been over a month and this feeling still resides with me, and helps me make better decisions and choices.


Having been around psychedelics most of my adult life, I had learnt of Iboga/Ibogaine but it was always a big step.


When finally getting to a point where I clearly needed some direction and change in my life, I finally reached out to Ibogaine Thailand. After speaking via email, I had a chat with Sasha on Skype and it was clear that he was serious about his work and very professional.

Once arriving to northern Thailand, I met with Sasha and Phoebe in a beautiful resort style accommodation and discussed more about the treatment, and the whole process which will take place over the next 5 days, and also what I was hoping to get out of it.


The reason was a combination of me wanting more direction and discipline in my life,and also overcoming my sex addiction, along with knowing myself better and making new healthy habits and decisions.


My body weight was taken for the dosage and and any final formalities and health checks were done then.


The following morning we got started with the test dose for any allergies or bad reactions to the Ibogaine, and after a good result we proceeded with the flood dose. I was also given an anti nausea pill to help with that part too.

Not until around 30-45 mins did I feel the effects. But as expected there was some nausea and ringing in my ears and a heavy feeling. Not long after the intensity took a second gear and before long I was having visions of being with aliens in UFO's that were testing my mental capacity. This went on for some time, and after the peak saturation things were a bit easier to decipher. I had many visions of people in different locations, each showing me something or teaching me a lesson somehow. It was extremely vivid and lifelike. Never before have I experienced these kinds of visions or hallucinations. It was not something I think I might have seen, there was no questioning what it was and it was all purposeful and there for a reason. Each intention I had set for the treatment to overcome had been presented before me, and subsequently I was essentially forced to deal with then and there. There was no escaping it.


I saw the destruction of my ego in the most vivid, but repulsive way and it made me realise a lot of things about myself. 


It wasn't until the following morning that I was coming close to being in control of my body and thoughts. However throughout this lengthy process, I had been given the most intuitive and thorough care you could ask for. This was done in shifts by Sasha and Phoebe. I had my heart rate, blood pressure and breathing checked every half hour and had been given water/coconut water to keep hydrated throughout and also assistance getting to and from the toilet; which I wouldn't have been able to on my own.


I was told once I was back to reality again, to rest up for the following few days and that I likely wouldn't sleep till night 3 either, which was the case. I was very tired and had a lot of things in my head to make sense of.

Night 3 rolled around and I started to have what seemed like micro sleeps, but after each one I would wake up totally refreshed. It felt like each time I had one of these naps, one of the cogs in my brain lined up and things started to all make sense. Not only that, but I felt amazing. Clear, happy, present, positive and in control. 


It has been about a month since doing the treatment and I still feel this feeling and the incredible after effects are still present. Its feels like a good conscience of myself gently reminding me to be the better self I strive to be.

I have made an effort to integrate this into my life, but at the same time its not hard, and sometimes I will do things subconsciously that surprise myself.


Overall this has been by far the most profound and positive experience of my life and it has given me the building blocks to greater things. It certainly wasn't a fluffy, beautiful "trip", but it was the most valuable, in terms of personal development.


If you have come this far in your research, looking for an Ibogaine facilitator, I would urge you to make the final step and reach out to Sasha. He truly knows his stuff and makes the entire treatment seamless from start to finish and especially with regards to integration.

I will be back again for sure.

15. I got clean from a 9 year heroin addiction

By Anonymous from Malaysia, October 2018

I am proud to say that I am happy to found Ibogaine Thailand & to go through my Ibogaine journey with you guys. Here's my story... I was a heroin addict for almost 9years & I hate every single second of my life. I have tried numerous attempts to detox at home but to no avail until I found about Ibogaine Thailand. They know exactly what they are doing & the Ibogaine plant is so effective that it is very different compared with detoxing at home. It gave me very different physically & mental outcome after the treatment. After the 3rd day of the treatment, there is no physical withdrawals symptoms for me. Believe in me, there is so much difference. If anyone out there wants to change your life, I strongly recommend you to go for this treatment. It will fix your addiction.  Lastly do not worry, this is not a scam or whatsoever. It is a genuine team helping people to cure their addiction problems. Cheers & I hope my story here helps another person with their problems. Thanks.

14. iBogaine Helps Me To Overcome A Lifelong Of Chronic Anxiety & My Addiction to My Thoughts

By Anonymous from Singapore, October 2017

I am very glad that I trusted my intuition to do Ibogaine treatment with Sasha. I have been suffering from anxiety since when I was 6 years old. I always felt life was a struggle and the world is a dangerous place. No matter what I achieved in my life, I was never satisfied and always felt there was something fundamentally wrong with me. Over the last 15 years, I did a lot of inner work including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance, therapy and plant medicine (Ayahuasca, Kambo and San Pedro). They certainly helped me to understand myself better, but I could not feel the inner peace I was looking for.


Earlier this year, something very traumatic happened in my life, and that incident brought me down to deep depression. I felt suicidal for many months, and could not see the meaning of life anymore. However my desire to healing has never disappeared. I flew to Peru to work with Ayahuasca for 2 months. Ayahuasca helped me to heal a lot of deep wound, and gave me profound insight. However, my depression and anxiety were still there with me, and I did not want to give up just yet.


After a few months, out of desperation, I decided to do Iboga treatment. I did a lot of research and learnt that Iboga is not only good for treating substance addiction, but it also helps depression. I found some places offering Iboga in Central America, but I did not want to travel all the way there. After more research, I found Ibogaine Thailand. I sent an email to Sasha, and he immediately set up a Skype call with me. I felt very safe talking to him, and my intuition told me that I could trust him. Iboga is one of the most strongest plant medicines, and I did not want to do it unless it felt right. It took me for a while to make the final decision, and in the meanwhile, Sasha and I had exchanged more than 60 emails. He was patient to answer all my questions.


After I arrived at the resort, Sasha and Fibi came to see me. They explained the procedure. Treatment started the next morning around 10am. I took the medicine, and lied down on the bed to wait for the effect to take place. After about 1.5 hours, I started to see some people sitting in front of me, although my eyes were closed. Sasha checked my blood pressure every now and then. Unlike most people’s experience, I do not have memory during the treatment. I cannot remember anything during the 24-hour treatment. The next day, I slept for more than 10 hours. After waking up, I tried to remember what had happened, but I still could not remember anything at all. I felt disappointed because I believed somehow the medicine didn’t work for me.


The next few days, I felt very bad. My anxiety was still there. I was still feeling very depressed. My body was exhausted and I was not hungry at all. However slowly I start to feel my body has changed. It was very subtle, but I felt something in my body has been renewed.


Another few days later, I did a short guided meditation. Tears started rolling down my face, and I felt immense release and letting go. After that, there was peace in me that I have never experienced my entire life. Anxiety and depression are completely gone. I could believe how “light” I felt. For the first time in my life, I loved myself and there was no more self-hatred. I felt grateful for every hardship in my life and knew that everything happened to me to bring me to this tremendous healing. This transformation was not possible without Ibogaine. The medicine changed my core beliefs about who I am and healed my addiction to my thoughts. Now I see myself and life in totally different eyes. It feels like I was given a new life. For the first time in my life, I am actually living.

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