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Can Plant Medicine iBoga Help With Spiritual Development & Spiritual Growth?

iBogaine is a natural extract from the iBoga shrub, which is native to West-Central Africa. According to experienced users of psychedelics, this is the most powerful entheogen in the world. Everyone who has taken iBogaine reports that the session is the most intense experience of their life. At the same time, however, iBogaine is very gentle. It will not overwhelm you like LSD or other synthetics. People do not have panic attacks or psychotic breaks on iBogaine therapy. In fact, no one has ever reported being hurt by an iBogaine session. The worst case scenario is that you spend the entire time fearfully resisting your thoughts and waiting for the iBogaine wash out of your body.

iBogaine has a miraculous quality about it for  psycho-spiritual purposes. Many people say that it totally transformed their lives. However it is far from a magic bullet. The crucial element is always the person’s intentions. If they wish to be free from suffering, ibogaine can help. But if they are still infatuated with their pain, then ibogaine can do nothing more than bring short-term relief. Often spiritual or emotional damage is at the heart of a substance abuse problem/mental issue, and through ibogaine therapy  brings forth closure, acceptance, relief and spiritual growth. The iBogaine experience is also a highly effective anti-addiction treatment program that works by addressing the entire scope of the disease. iBogaine used in it’s traditional sense does work to promote radical spiritual growth and helps to resolve social, emotional and certain pathological problems.  It is also used as a tool for initiation into adulthood by the Bwiti thousands of years ago, we can now also leverage iBogaine towards a more advanced state of being.



01. You’ve been searching for something more.   

The daily bump and grind of the 21st century western society has left millions of people tired, broke and disillusioned about what life is truly about.  What is your purpose? If you wish to know then you are ready for Ibogaine.



02.  Your body could  use Mother Earth's most efficient detox remedy. 

Technically, iBoga cleans out any unnatural elements in our body and help to reboot and restore the balance of your neuronic system. Physical problems are often the result of deeper underlying spiritual issues. iBogaine is also used successfully for people looking to detox their emotional and psychological traumas, their body and the spirit for greater health. Under the proper guidance, Iboga will detox your body more quickly and effectively than other detox regimes. It is sometimes known as I-begin-again! With intentional use, iBogaine effects the opening of one's mind by increasing the capacity for a range of perceptions normally inaccessible. iBogaine helps to expand awareness, increase consciousness of the wonders of life and provides the ability to connect to the divine in oneself and be in-sync with nature and the universe.



03. You want to get unstuck in life and your spiritual practice. 

Whether or not the phrase “mid-life crisis or quarter-life crisis” has any stigma attached to it, iBogaine therapy can be an excellent tool to employ during such a life phase. Consider this excerpt from Peter Frank’s iBogaine Explained:


"The fear-based mind takes over, and meditation is no longer effective. Ibogaine can still the fear-based mind. I spent many years reading books by great spiritual teachers like Saint John, Nisargadatta, and Adyashanti. While part of me believed that they pointed to something true, another part of me doubted their message. I could not relate experientially to their teachings. My doubts held me back from truly committing. After my first ibogaine session, I experienced liberation from my thoughts and finally understood what these teachers pointed to. This freedom faded as the mind reasserted itself, but deep down, I was never the same. I knew that liberation was possible, and I pursued my freedom more intensely than before. My meditation improved, I became more conscious of my repressed emotions, and I generally felt happier and more at peace". 


04. You want to gain a insight how to create the life of your dreams.

iBogaine, being a catalyst for psycho-spiritual change works at the very engine that empowers many mental illnesses and mood disorders, namely the ability of patients to healthfully interpret and process their past experiences, paving the way for envisioning a free and happy future. Many patients report that iBogaine not only brings them back to a state of mental clarity providing them with a vision of a wonderful opportunity-filled future, but as importantly, it leaves them there in that state of mental clarity; a place where they are not only freed from crippling emotions, but also restored chemically, freeing the patient from the abnormal mental states of depression, anxiety and mania.



05. You are experiencing severe emotional or spiritual crisis; and you yearn for spiritual awakening/growth.

A spiritual awakening is almost always precipitated by a severe emotional or spiritual crisis; it oftentimes organically grows out of unresolved issues from childhood. iBoga allows entry into a "waking dream" experience to provide visionary insight into the psyche from a perspective outside "normal" human consciousness. From that perspective it provides awareness of the processes that may be blocking ones’ personal development. With this heightened awareness, the path to a deeper understanding of self, personal motivation and outlook on life is revealed, leading toward a greater capacity for self-compassion, understanding, inspiration and profound personal growth. Stress management becomes easier with spiritual growth and it is very beneficial to the extent that you will attain these benefits forever. The support that is needed for achievement is possible only through better stress management and reflection attains perfection only through enhanced spiritual growth.


Overall, the benefits of spiritual development are immense and vast by nature. iBogaine therapy helps you to get all the essential components of life which totally constitutes the spiritual growth and enhancement in a safe and holistic way. Therefore, just put aside the negative aspects of your life and try setting the right intentions for your ibogaine therapy, so that you'll gain the very essential spiritual health and growth very soon. For a transformative iBogaine session in a safe, holistic and therapeutic environment we provide please email us at

How Do I Know iBogaine Is Right For Me?
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