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Post iBogaine : Aftercare Tips

Aftercare Plan

iBogaine therapy is not a quick fix or a magic bullet. It is a window of opportunity; a pathway to a deeper sense of self; an opportunity to establish a new way of being.


After ibogaine treatment, you are essentially being reborn and the more time your new sense of self has to stabilise, the greater the potential for a full, long-lasting recovery.  Staying clean requires a change in lifestyle and social circles can greatly benefit where the guests finds a support network and professional follow-up care. We always encourage our guests to connect with such services upon completion of iBogaine treatment.  To witness you transform your life is the reason we do this work, and we will go above and beyond to help you succeed. 

At iBogaine Thailand, we’ll go over your plan with you, and help keep you accountable longer term, but it’s important you come into the session having put some thought into your aftercare plans.

So on the more practical side of things, exercise, exercise, exercise.Ibogaine helps “sensitise” those endorphin receptors so you might be surprised by how good exercise can feel post-ibogaine treatment. Plus everyone knows it’s good for you physically.


Here is the other big pay-off, since it is easier to introduce life changes post-ibogaine, if you know a certain kind of habit is healthy and beneficial, you will never find a better opportunity to try and implement it in your life. This really goes for everything, so more healthy habits in general are good to try and implement at this time. Some of the things that many guests were able to do after their ibogaine treatment were to eliminate TV watching, took up medication, adopt a more healthy diet and regular exercise.

Diet, Exercise & Spirituality 

Recovery from addiction involves the mind, body and spirit. Daily nutrition is part of your overall recovery program. Unless you are properly nourished, it is impossible to think or act properly. At the very least, make sure that you eat 3 meals a day. It is important to eat healthy meals and snacks and avoid calorie foods with low nutrition, such as sweets. Physical fitness plays a huge role in the recovery from addiction as regular exercise releases endorphins the body’s natural feel good biochemical compounds. Ensure you exercise regularly and that it is in balance with rest of your recovery program.


Take care of yourself spiritually. Be mindful of your connection to your higher power post treatment. Use mindfulness and a heightened awareness to overcome ego. Use meditation to overcome stress and negative feelings.

Post Treatment Insomnia

Often the need to sleep is temporarily reduced after an iBogaine experience, a situation that can last from several days to one month or even longer that  responsive to sleeping medication. 


Your physical state will be impacted by post iBogaine even if you don’t have a history of substance abuse. It will take a few days to fully reestablish healthy sleep and eating cycles as well as re-integration of body, mind and spirit.


There is a solution that makes this condition go away; working out minimally three times a week for at least an hour each time!

Professional addiction counselor/Support Network 

Professional mental health follow-up care is essential. Planning and building a continuing care program for yourself is essential for long-lasting success, and we will assist you in this process. 


Additionally, finding a peer-support network near you can provide the invaluable asset of a community of knowledgeable peers, and resources to help you as the challenges of daily life starts to return. 

Living clean will require a change of lifestyle that typically requires new friends, new hangouts and new hobbies and activities.

Find an affinity group to socialise with that knows hows to have fun, love deeply, and support one another authentically without drugs and alcohol.


Start attending support groups and rehab aftercare and keep your life as stress-free as possible.

Whether it’s yoga or opera or painting,  the key to addiction recovery is finding passion. Sharing that passion with a friend.  Because if you want to be at your best to do this thing, it’s a natural recovery tool. If you’re jogging past a bar, and you go past the bar instead of inside, you are rewiring your brain. Telling your brain, that being outside in the fresh air, moving your body, is a better reward.

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