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Integration Services

Post Psychedelic/Plant medicine Integration services with  Sasha Mittsous

I have been working as a plant medicine/psychedelic guide since 2014 mainly with Ibogaine and Iboga. I am based in Northern Thailand.

I have guided hundreds of sessions with focus on opening the doors of transcendence for my clients.
Death and Rebirth is my specialty. My focus is on psycho-spiritual evolution, shamanism, mysticism, depth psychology and alchemy with focus on instigating change.

From there, I work with clients to help them decipher the mysterious world of the subconscious, and for what we can’t bring clarity to, I help people celebrate the mystery.

We are on journeys with our clients to assist with healing and self-discovery. They have the answers, my job is to ask the right questions to help them discover their own truth.

We are only as strong as our awareness of ourselves, and the process of expanding personal consciousness is endless.

Available now for Pretreatment preparation and Post plant medicine /psychedelics integration, focusing on Jungian Psychology and dream/vision work.

I also specialise in shadow work by allowing the person to see and use their prima material to assist in the transcendence function within their psyche.


iBogaine = magic pill?  Not at all. 99% of growth from this plant medicine happens in the integration process. If you’re not taking time to reflect, journal, and commit to your own personal development, then it's just another “plant experience". I can help you make sense of your experience, extracting insights moving forward with your everyday life and integrating the body-mind-spirit complex.

Oftentimes, psychedelic experiences are symbolic, and you need to ‘decode’ to understand the deeper meaning behind them. Integration also refers to integrating and embodying the lessons you have learned and putting them into practice in your live. Last but not least, integration means integrating fragmented aspects of body, mind, and spirit back into wholeness, alignment, and balance.

It’s time to heal.

Don’t wait.

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